Drawn to Life Review


September 25, 2007 by

Drawn to Life Image

Combining a generic platforming adventure experience with a unique artistic touch, Drawn to Life is a game that proves to be an a great experience for the younger, less experienced crowd. Its colouring book style presentation, cute characters and simplistic, familiar gameplay makes it a perfect purchase for young gamers, although some older players may fall in love with the games cute factor.

The game pits players into the role of The Creator: a God who created the world and is worshipped by small little odd creatures called raposas, who have had their world torn apart by an evil force that has managed to steal the book of life, which gives the raposas everything they need to survive, and kidnapped many of the inhabitants. For whatever reason, during this time you decided to sit back and let these things happen, before finally putting your foot down and creating a Hero to go forth and save the creatures world.

Its at this point that youre introduced to the games online unique feature: the ability to draw and create the things you see in your world. Your first task is to create your own hero using available colours and styles, as well as a body outline, which can pose as both a guide and a limitation at the same time.

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