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I recall playing Wario Blast many years ago on the original Game Boy. It was a clone of Bomberman except the protagonist was Nintendo’s character, Wario. With the DS as Nintendo’s current handheld, Bomberman Land 2: Touch brings back some nostalgia and also contains many new features – besides the obvious graphical update.

Bomberman Land 2: Touch has a story mode which includes over 40 mini-games. The mini-games are actually quite fun to play, contrary to my initial thoughts before getting a chance to try them. Some of them are a little different but are still very entertaining, such as Jump rope or Soccer. The stylus is used to perform some motions on the touch screen to get Bomberman through the mini-games.

Bomberman and his friends are whisked away to Bom-Bom Kingdom, which happens to be a theme park created by the Genius Magician, aka the Star Bomber. The story mode plays a little like an RPG. You use your stylus to move around, pointing in the direction you’d like to move. Certain areas are blocked off until you’ve completed enough tasks. You will end up talking to various non-playing characters in RPG fashion. They will have a role in helping you on your journey. There is one hut with a non-playing character that will help give you clues as to what you should do next, should you need assistance. Throughout the game you will be collecting pieces such as tokens, star pieces, moon pieces, earth pieces, and sun pieces. These various items will be used to help you progress though story mode as well, such as types of bombs. There are information booths that will give you more information as to what is in your nearest vicinity. You will also get mail from various characters, and you can view them from the bomb pad screen. Keep watch for things that look mysterious or out of place, and you may find something you are in search of.

Bomberman Land 2: Touch also features some multiplayer modes. There is an assortment of types of battles including the traditional one, blocks battle, star battle, escape battle, and crown battle. You may also play the battles solo, should you choose to do so. Either way there are certain things you should know going in. The power-up items are a fire up or down (increasing or decreasing your blast radius) and bomb (increasing or decreasing the number of bombs you can place). Also you may get a speed increase or decrease as well. These gameplay modes feature many settings you can alter to get the game just the way you want, or you can just keep the defaults and jump right into a battle.

There is also the traditional Bomberman game that you can play against computer-controlled enemies or other people. It’s good classic fun for the most part, the only trouble I have with it is that it spans both the top and bottom screen, making it hard to see when you are right in the middle of them. Other than that it is just like the original.

This game is the bomb! (Sorry, I had to.) In the end, if you are looking for classic Bomberman gameplay or mini-games to pass the time, you can’t go wrong with Bomberman Land 2: Touch.

Rating: 8/10

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