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December 31, 2003 by

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You're going CRAZY! Well really you're not but you get that a lot when you play Crazy Taxi by Sega. Their arcade blockbuster makes its way to the Dreamcast. Sega has only made a great game better. You drive a fast and as crazy as possible to deliver your passengers to their desired destation. While the arcade version was damn good the Dreamcast version was the icing on the cake. It included better graphics, an extra map and plenty of mini games.

If you've played Crazy Taxi in the arcade then on the Dreamcast you could tell the difference in the Graphics. The edges became clearer and the characters and thier cars looked slightly better. I did notice a bit of occasional slow down though and many reviews read otherwise (F.Y.I.).

This game controls great, with one exception. The BRAKE! It just doesn't work real good. You can push as hard as you damn well please but you slow down at "slow" speed. This caused for me overshooting and undershooting some customers and corners! You learn, in time, how to effectifly stop the car by ramming into walls and cars. At first this will lead to some frustraion but you'll get over it.

The sound effects and music were great. Quite possibly some of the best of any game to date. The Offspring (none of thier bad songs) and Bad Religon? Yes thats right hard punk rock. And trust me nothings better than crusin' the streets jammin out to good music. Then the sound effects were also a another bragging right that belongs to the game. You hear the loud harsh complaints from pissed customers, along with everything else: Brakes, Engines, Choppers, other cars its all there!

Seeing that most arcade games lack good replay value when converted to the console Crazy Taxi came as quite a surprise. With the added level, the mini games and just the fun you'll find it hard to stop.

Sega has done a hell of a job in bringing us some of the best arcade to home ports (VF2, VF3, Daytona USA, The Vitura Cop Series etc). This game is no exception as it brings imporved graphics gameplay and more. This is another good game added to the Dreamcast library.

Graphics 94% - Improved over the arcade. Some minor slow down.
Sound 96% - A few more songs? That would give a 98.
Control 91% - Dirty rotten brake. But who uses it anyways!
Replay 88% - Addictive. Added modes and maps will keep you going.
Overall 93% - One of the best. If it only had cops......

Rating: 9.3/10

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