Chu Chu Rocket Review


December 31, 2003 by

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Well, the day is upon us--Chu Chu Rocket is here. What's the game's purpose? First, you must guide your little Chu Chu's (mice) into your rockets. Thus, was born Chu Chu Rocket. It is similar to a Lemmings-type gameplay in that they hit and follow the walls. So, you must guide the Chu Chu's by placing arrows in strategic spots, while working against opponents. Sounds simple, but it gets complicated and fast when online and in the more-difficult settings.

Technically, the graphics weren't all too wonderful, but, hey, it's a puzzle game. I always seem a little lax on grading games of this genre. The graphics are 2-D, but like most 2-D games, this one is fast-paced. There is always plenty of action on your screen at all times. Flashy-looks and speed are the attractive points to this on screen puzzle. As such, there are no complaints in this regard.

The sound, however, was mediocre and unbearably simple. But, as the game progresses, and the volume of screams and obscenities coming out of player's mouths increases, you tend to overlook this flaw. The music was OK, although somewhat annoying. The sound effects though were nice. You hear the cute little mice as they enter the rocket and run about, and you hear them when they meet their death, as tasty rodent treats for the obese cats.

The control becomes easy to use after a few tries. The analog stick moves the cursor and the arrow buttons position the arrows for the Chu Chu's to follow. Personally, I prefer the keyboard, which I find very simple and easy to use. The hard part about this game is mastering the controls. If you want to win, you will need to haul ass.

The Replay value of this game is tremendous. With modes such as online and 4 player, and those damn hard challenge stages, there is much to do. Online mode is probably the best way to play this game. The fun part comes in whipping your friends' asses in a 4-player split screen. To make a long story short, if you don't find online mode fun, you will find something else interesting and enjoyable on this game.

Sega's first real time online game is one hell-of-a-game. For the $30 price tag, it's also a damn good deal. While it may lack in the graphics department and gameplay attractiveness, Chu Chu Rocket offers something unique and different to the Dreamcast library. Sega is obviously trying to bring different genres to the videogame industry, such as Crazy Taxi, Tokyo Bus Driving, Roommania #203, Samba De Amigo and Seaman, Chu Chu Rocket is no exception. Can Sega's Sonic Team make anything wrong? On another note, if you want to play Chu Chu Rocket against others, I encourage you to join OSGA, an online Sega Gamers club. OSGA conducts tournaments, host chats for Sega fanatics, etc.

Graphics: 86 It does the job with no slowdown. It's a puzzle game, why should I complain?
Sound: 85 Nice and peppy. Can get annoying on occasions.
Control: 96 Easy to use. Also, compatibility with the DC keyboard is a definite plus.
Replay: 98 Too many modes--so little time.
Overall : 96 One of Sega's best. More addictive than Crazy Taxi. (Boy, this will generate some hate mail!)

Rating: 9.6/10

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