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December 31, 2003 by

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What many considered to be one of the let downs on the Dreamcast turns out to be one of the Best games of 1999. You might think "What the hell is a game that looks like this doing on MY holy Dreamcast?" Well like I say time and time again, graphics don't make a game and this is a perfect example. Its years in the future and the Human race has evolved into several new species all with their own characteristics and advantages.

The control was nice and easy after you get used to it. You use the analog R as you gas and the analog Pad as the steering wheel. This is easy to get used to in Racing games but the way the perspective is on Armada can make things difficult at first. After say 15-30 minutes you'll be flying though space with no problem.

Graphics were like the old classic Asteroids but with lots more details, 3D ships, 3D Planets and many, many baddies. There was no noticeable slowdown and everything ran great. The game though could have used some additions like a better opening CG, some in game CG's and how about a bit of an improvement in the look of the game? All in all, very nice but can be improved on.

The music maintained a erie and spooky feel to it. The sound effects sound good as well but both tend to get repetitive. The only real bad thing is that there's no option to turn off the music or sound effects. Hell there is no Option mode period! That's a different story though.

The replay in Armada is rather nice but can tend to get repetitive. With only 31 missions you'll beat the game in a day. Also with no real secret planets or races, the single player can become lame after 8 hours for some. The Multiplayer is an area where this title shines, as it allows you and 3 of your buddies to team up against each other to beat the Armada. While it was planned to be a Online game SEGA F-ed it all up and now we have to wait for the sequel to get online with each other, what a shame.

The game tends to be very good overall. Nicely presented. Grab Armada if you're a fan of the following genres; RPG, Shooter, Top Down Shooter, Action and Adventure. One things for sure I can't wait for Armada II coming this summer!

Graphics: 8.9/10 Nice top down perspective. Could use a bit more detail.
Sound: 7.5/10 You're one gun get to sound a bit receptive.
Control: 8.3/10 You'll get used to it after 10 minutes or so.
Replay: 8.0/10 Only 31 missions! You beat them real fast. Also gets repetitive. Can get addictive though.
Overall: 8.6/10 Nice game. Fun. Bring out your friends.

Rating: 8.6/10

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