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March 8, 2012 by

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What could one hope to achieve when first entering the exciting new world of High School? Perhaps this is the time to start really buckling down on school marks and to begin thinking about a career choice. Maybe it will be more about gaining new friends and really enjoying your last years of free time before college and the real world sweep you away. Or perhaps you would like to get your freak on with 100 guys! Yes, you read that right. Doing the "deed" with 100 guys. This is what our leading lady of "Yamada's First Time" is striving for during her high school years.

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Yamada is a beautiful and popular girl, but unfortunately does not have the attitude and mindset that would match. Interested only in her goal of having sex with 100 guys, Yamada has a very shallow personality. She has no plans for love, just sex and then moving on to the next person. In setting out on her quest, one thing seems to be hindering her and that is being a virgin. She feels extremely self-conscious about doing the deed because she feels her inexperience would show. She plans on finding a "Cherry Boy" which is basically a guy who is also a virgin on which to practice with.

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This is where the extremely average looking boy Kosuda comes into play. Upon meeting him, Yamada's first question is to ask him if he is a cherry boy. Satisfied with the look of shock and horror that Kosuda give her, Yamada believes she has found her "golden cherry". Upon seeing that they are both in the same class, Yamada begins her assault on getting Kosuda to be the one to first have sex with her.

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The show spans over 12 episodes and are mostly. Yamada thinks she is ready to throw herself into the wilds of sex, but often times she freaks out and runs away whenever Kosuda does anything sexual to her. My heart really went out to Kosuda in this series. Being a virgin himself, he is already stressing out about what to do in a relationship and to keep getting mixed signs of what Yamada wants is not helping his case. As the story progresses though, we see that Yamada starts developing true feelings for Kosuda. She starts getting jealous when other girls talk to him, she is upset when he doesn't pay attention to her, and her heart flutters when he tries to do romantic things for her.

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Will a true relationship come out of this or will it be just another one night stand once Yamada realizes what this spark of true emotion would mean for her quest of sex?

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"Yamada's First Time" really opens up the awkwardness of that relationship that is first starting out. Everyone can relate to the characters on some level as they hear the inner minds of Yamada and Kosuda freaking out about what to do next with each other. The show also offer another little brand of humor with personifying characters' sex deities. Yamada's is a smaller version of herself with a moustache that flies around on a cloud. She is the one the audience sees most often. She mostly conveys Yamada's inner dirty thoughts and spurs her on to have sex.

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I would recommend "Yamada's First Time" to anyone looking for a different kind of romantic comedy. Perhaps you can already equate Yamada and Kosuda's relationship to one of your own... just without the little people on clouds telling you to have sex.

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