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Tenchi is a boy with a seemingly bland personality living a quiet existence away from the urban areas at his grandfathers shrine. In such a secluded place, it seems quite convenient that a space pirate crash lands right outside of his house and the space police are in pursuit of her and no one notices. This begins Tenchis headaches, struggles, stress, and adventure in Tenchi Universe.

Ryoko, the outgoing sassy space pirate, has baseless crush on Tenchi. This is very surprising, as Tenchi doesnt seem to be interested in adventure of any sort. It seems more like Ryoko saw that he was the only male around her age, so she wants to claim him. The beginning of the show revolves around Ryoko and her rivalry with Princess Ayeka, another alien visitor to Tenchis world. Their over-the-top competitiveness causes space ship crashes, ruined apartments, and hurt feelings.

Throughout the course of the show, several more alien visitors conveniently find themselves at Tenchis doorstep. And, of course, each one of these aliens is an attractive young woman with an interest in Tenchi. Theres another young princess, another police officer, and a mad scientist. The variety of characters keeps the show interesting, despite the questionable voice acting.

Eventually, the plot becomes heavier as the group travels through space to try to keep the universe at peace. As bizarre as this plot sounds, it works. I really especially enjoyed the different kinds of technology. For example, Ryokos ship is also her pet. It is a cute little rabbit-cat thing that turns into a vessel. Princess Ayekas ship is made from a seed that can grow into a large tree and sprout into a complex wooden ship.

I also appreciated the fact that although the characters were all set in their ways, each one of them slowly matured a bit. This is especially apparent with Ryoko. The audience can watch her slowly become a little less selfish and immature as the show goes on. Of course, she never actually becomes mature, but she is on her way.

Tenchi Muyo is an older anime, and it shows its age at times. The fashion sense of the characters and animation are the first things to notice, along with the dated soundtrack. However, this does not take away from the show. As a matter of fact, I rather enjoyed it, as it made me feel nostalgic for other older anime that I enjoy, such as Sailor Moon or Evangelion.

Overall, I really enjoyed watching Tenchi Muyo. The show was corny, but genuinely funny enough to keep me watching. Tenchi Muyo also doesnt take itself too seriously, and it is not above poking fun at every character, even the serious ones. While most of the characters fit into their own stereotypes, the combination of characters made for a fun watch. I never watched Tenchi Muyo when it was first released in the United States, but watching it now, I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good laugh.

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