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Do we really know what is best for ourselves? What kind of power does time have over us? Do we really have the control we think we have? These are some themes throughout the second season of Stein's Gate.

The Secret Inventions Laboratory has discovered that it is very easy to go too far when it comes to time traveling. Because of Okabe's unique ability, which he refers to has his “Reading Steiner”, he is able to remember everything when he jumps between “world lines”. He is forced to endure tragedy after tragedy as he desperately searches for a timeline with safety for those he holds dear. Watching a man endure trauma after trauma is truly heartbreaking. Seeing Okabe's spirit break before our eyes is actually pretty hard to watch. It takes a good story to be able to do that.

The overall plot of Stein's Gate can be confusing, even at the best of times. With the shifting timelines and differences in different characters' memories, it can be a bit to take in. However, by the end of the show, I wasn't left with any burning questions, although the show deserves a second viewing to fully appreciate it.

I've heard Stein's Gate compared to Donnie Darko, but I believe the time traveling and emotional aspects more closely resemble The Butterfly Effect. Similar problems are experienced, along with the theme of trying to change and tweak time too much, a consequence of trying to create a perfect world. Despite the similarities, Stein's Gate is an original story that will keep you watching until the end.

This show is best described as a thriller or adventure, but that's not to say it doesn't have elements of humor or romance. In my review of Stein's Gate Season One, I described the unique brand of humor that is Kyouma.

Now, I often get annoyed because romance is thrown into almost every book, song, movie, or television show in existence. I don't dislike romance, but I often feel that it is brought into stories that do not require it. Often writers think that if they throw romance into an already complete story, it will be more successful. I bring this up because I feel that this show has the proper amount of romance. Stein's Gate is, first and foremost, about time travel and taking on more than you can handle. However, it's also a show about love, both romantic and platonic. Neither kind of love is portrayed as superior to the other. The reason that the time traveling becomes more difficult is because it is affecting the people that Okabe loves, particularly Mayuri and Kurisu. I guess what I'm trying to say is that the love and romance adds to the story without distracting, and a lot of shows seem to have trouble with that.

I didn't think I would watch this show and end up having it be one of my favorites, but it happened anyway. The action, science, and friendship tied together nicely to create a suspenseful show that I couldn't stop watching. Give Stein's Gate a try; you'll be glad you did.

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