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Spice and Wolf: Season 2 expands on the story of Holo and Lawrence, a Goddess and Merchant, showing the business side and personal side of the characters and also focuses on specific trades. The story follows their journey northward and many adventures along the way. The key trades in this season are spread through the episodes and span multiple episodes with new characters to add depth to this adventure. Season 2 will satisfy fans of the series.

The story of Spice and Wolf revolves around Kraft Lawrence, a traveling merchant, and his companion Holo. Holo is the harvest goddess who takes the form of a girl with a tail and ears of a wolf. The series continues in its second season with more plot development, relationships and business. Lawrence, as he is often referred to by friends, likes to buy and sell and is a particularly clever merchant enjoying the art of the trade.

It is interesting seeing the relationship between Lawrence and Holo vary from episode to episode. There are times of tension and others of happy and jovial moments between the two. Sometimes they seem as if they are more than just companions. As the plot follows through, you see more of their journey looking for good business deals as well as searching for more information about Holo's past and her upbringing. Lawrence is trying to help Holo learn more about herself and her family. They make the journey in a northward direction where Holo's hometown was apparently located. Along the way Lawrence makes some business deals and takes some big risks, but ultimately must decide what is most important to him.

The episodes primarily focus on two specific trade deals. The first that happens involves numerous merchants and the fluctuating price of pyrite and turns out to be a high stakes deal. The second half deals with the fur trade business. A handful of new supporting characters are introduced in the unfamiliar towns and they make the story more interesting while also complicating things for Lawrence. It is fun to see how the characters adapt to any given situation. These characters as well as the protagonists are entertaining and have interesting dialog between each other.

The dubbing is very well implemented. You can also watch it with the original Japanese with English subtitles if you prefer such. The discs also include a couple of special features (subtitled) explaining the items that you will find referenced in the series.

Spice and Wolf Season 2 is entertaining while expanding on the travels of the protagonists. The ongoing business deals and the tension between characters kept me watching. If you like a story based around business deals mixed with drama, give Spice and Wolf a chance. The second season was a great continuation of the series and I look forward to what is in store for Holo and Lawrence next. Spice and Wolf: Season 2 has been an adventure that I'm thoroughly glad I did not miss out on.

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