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Space Dandy

Okay so despite my better judgment, I let a friend talk me into watching the first season of the Space Dandy anime in English. I was promised it's actually a good dub! It's translated and localized really well! so before I jump into the heart wrenching terror that is Tokyo Ghoul, I might as well watch something funny and light hearted first, right?

Space Dandy is a 2014 comedy series produced by one of my favorite studios, Bones. The story revolves around our main crew of the space ship Aloha Oe. Dandy, the dandiest guy in space; QT, the vacuum robot; and Meow, the cat alien.. Thing. Together they traverse the galaxy trying to find new species of aliens and turn them in for money, so essentially they are bounty hunters. Wait.. Bounty hunters.. In space? IS THIS COWBOY BEBOP?! The anime's general director is none other than Shinichiro Watanabe, responsible for that other space bounty hunting anime we all know and love. Don't fall into the trap and try and compare this with Bebop though, this is not to be taken seriously at all. Overall I was laughing a ridiculous amount, and would recommend this to watch, particularly in English.

This is the part where I write about the plot. Uhm. Yea... What plot? Is this a Gintama review? The only thing that seems consistent is the general chase for new aliens in order to get money to go to Dandy's favorite space restaurant, Boobies. The episodes are very episodic and one thing that happens in one episode doesn't necessarily become canon and carry on to future episodes. Which of course leads to some very crazy episodes where everyone gets blown to pieces or something like that. They can get into ridiculous situations and you're never quite sure if they'll be able to get out of it, because even if they don't, there will still be a next episode. There were a few really strange episodes that I found myself trying to think deeper and discover what possible complicated meaning they could have. It may have been difficult to follow as well because the staff for each episode is completely different! The episode directors, writers, animation supervisors, and storyboard writers are different. Shinichiro Watanabe watched over everything, however he allowed them to take very different approaches to each episode. It was incredible to see the characters displayed in a new fashion each episode.

The characters in Space Dandy are what make it great, granted they have virtually no depth aside from three idiots. They do get a little bit of character development in a few episodes, although that leaves us with the question if that character development even carries into future episodes... Dandy is really just an idiot with an insatiable love for the female body, QT the robot is a vacuum whose job is to repair and clean the ship when the other two trash it, and occasionally provide commentary on their situation and just how much of an idiot Dandy and Meow is. Meow is always trying to help, but seems to make things worst. All of their interactions are funny at first but after a while you can pretty much guess what they will say and how they will react.

The animation was constantly changing with each episode, the staff for a few particular episodes got really creative with it, and others just went with normal animation. There was one plant episode I'm thinking of that was super weird on all fronts, especially the animation... Can't say I disliked it but the artistic liberties the staff took was definitely interesting.

I absolutely loved the music! It was super jazz-like and blended well with the places it was used. It was never awkward in any episode, despite the great differences between them. The English voice acting was superb, and extremely funny. The voice actors brought each characters little quirks to life. My only little annoyance was that to make QT's robot voice, they auto tuned him. This was a little annoying but that's just my taste, and some other people I've talked to really liked his auto tuned voice.

Would recommend to watch, especially with a friend!

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