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My first experience with Shin Chan was when I wrote my review for Season 3 Part 1. While I didn't particularly enjoy every episode, I loved the idea of the show, and I ended up watching quite a bit of the first and second seasons. I learned that the show went off air after the second season. That being said, the producers decided to stick every raunchy and shocking line possible into the third season, which was rated for mature adults only. I look back at the earlier episodes that featured witty humor. Yeah, there were fart jokes, but at least they were somewhat clever and every other line wasn't about sex.

That's not to say that the dirty joke was completely omitted. The jokes were spaced out well, and they were timed out well enough that you were a little bit surprised each time one was told. In the third season, every other line is a sex joke, and they aren't even that clever. It is hard not to find yourself numb to the jokes, waiting impatiently for some good, old-fashioned bathroom jokes or silly humor.

So back to the main subject: Shin Chan Season 3 Part 2. While I described the things that I wasn't crazy about, the second half of the season had a lot more humor that the first half lacked. An episode featuring panda bandits made me both shake my head and laugh. The gym teacher character, who at first rubbed me the wrong way in the first half of the season began to make me laugh.

It is quite apparent that the producers changed a lot of the plot lines, as I mentioned in my previous Shin Chan review. I did notice, however, that some of them didn't change much. My personal favorite episode was when Shin's father, Hiro, heads out on a business trip. Shin's mother drags the kids along and suspects that Hiro is cheating on her. As most episodes turn out, Shin embarrasses his mother to the point where you wonder why she even leaves the house. So went this episode as well. However, little things the animators put in there such as Hiro's "manly" expression make me giggle every time I see them.

Shin Chan is a fun show because the characters could be anyone. Who doesn't know or is a mother who gets embarrassed by the fact that her child doesn't know the meaning of embarrassment? Sure, not everyone is a ridiculous parody such as Georgie, but who doesn't know someone who has an inflated ego? (Fortunately, they toned down Georgie's political ranting in part 2) And who could possibly hate Boo?

Shin Chan Season 3 Part 2 is the last part of the English dub. The final episode was very weak, and it pretty much revolved around how much the show has gone downhill. I sincerely hope that sometime in the future this season gets redubbed or redone in some way to bring justice to the show. In the meantime, I can look back on the show's glory days.

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