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Sotoba is a small town, essentially in the middle of nowhere. The small village's main export is fir wood from the vast forest that surrounds the area. The fir wood is used for making grave markers and coffins.

One could say that Sotoba village is surrounded by death.

It all started one summer. Many of the villagers started experiencing symptoms similar to anemia. Another symptom is fatigue. In a time span of only a few days, the victim would be dead. These occurrences happened throughout Sotoba and rumors of an epidemic quickly spread around like wildfire. People are moving out of town without any goodbyes to their close neighbors, and it seems as if the entire village is disappearing. Doctor Toshio Ozaki has been studying these medical cases, getting more and more frustrated as he searches frantically for way to fix things. Until he finally found it. He only wished it were something as harmless as an epidemic, and that the cure was something as simple as therapy or medicine…

This anime has multiple main characters, and different episodes focus on different sides of the same story. There's Doctor Toshio Ozaki, who runs the hospital. He is trying to find a cure and keep the people of town from getting hysterical. There is also Natsuno, a student who moved in from the city. While he wants nothing to do with his new home, he has his own theories about what is going on, and he searches for those who believe him. Sunako is a girl that moved into the mansion up on the hill. They say that when her family moved into town, the people started dying. Is there something she knows? And finally, there is Seishin Muroi, the junior monk at the temple, who is childhood friends with the doctor. He writes on the side, and his books seem to have some insight into what is going on in the village…

Shiki is a show that is hard to categorize. Not for the faint of heart, there is a great deal of gore and violence, along with some scenes that are just plain disturbing. However, that is not the main focus of the show. Shiki causes the viewer to think. Who really can judge what is right and wrong? Who is the real monster? Is it best to allow nature to take its course, or is it better to take matters into your own hands?

Shiki is a two season long series that covers the tragic summer of Sotoba. I personally feel that it is a show that someone will either love or hate. Personally, it wasn't my thing, but I can see why people would like it. The show is very serious and heavy, without much to lift up the mood, but the plot twists and mystery will keep you entertained. Shiki is haunting, but not in a spooky way. You will be horrified as you watch the dehumanizing of everyday people in a small town where nothing ever really happens.

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