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Imagine finding out that your entire life is a lie. Everything that you know is just an illusion. Even you are not real. You are simply the residue of someone who once walked this earth. Pretty messed up, right?

Yuji Sakai has to come to terms with this.

Our story begins when a young man named Yuji Sakai is walking home from school, just as he would any other day. Suddenly, time seems to stop and the people around him freeze. A horrible monster appears to be consuming the people around him. Yuji is terrified. Suddenly, a young girl with flaming red hair and a sword to match arrives on the scene. She slays the monster, but it is too late. Yuji is gored by the monster, yet he is still conscious. Surely he should be dead?

But he is dead, and he has been dead for at least a little while before this incident, the young woman tells him. And before he knows it, Yuji Sakai is exposed to a world of Flame Hazes and Crimson Denizens and all sorts of creatures that feed on people's existence. The humans that are consumed by these creatures are replaced by empty shells of humans that slowly fade away over time. These are known as torches. The red-haired woman tells Yuji that he is indeed a torch. Now that Yuji learns the truth, there is no way that he can live the life he used to.

Determined to find a way to carve his own fate, Yuji learns as much about these new subjects as he can. The red-haired woman, however, has no patience for a being who has no destiny other than fading away. She reluctantly agrees to teach him to fight and to join her on her quest to keep the balances of Earth and The Crimson Realm in check.

The cast is varied and creates a rich plot. There is the serious, stern, red-haired Flame Haze who is annoyed by Yuji's numerous questions about his predicament. Margery, another Flame Haze, manages to be calculated and reckless at the same time. There are a number of characters from Yuji's class, including his best friend Ike Hayato and the shy, sweet Kazumi Yoshida. While some of these characters are almost stock characters, their presence still creates some memorable scenes. The enemies are interesting enough. Just a couple examples of those are a fancy man with an unhealthy love for dolls, and a brother/sister duo who are very… friendly with each other.

Shakugan no Shana has a fair share of battle sequences and varieties of magic. This is balanced with the school time humor and romance sequences. All in all, I found Shakugan no Shana to be a rather enjoyable show. While there were a few “surprises” that I saw coming a mile away, there were still some plot twists that caught me off guard and kept me interested. I am pretty sure that there is a second part to the show because the end left a lot of questions unanswered.

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