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Shakugan no Shana's third season begins with an absent main character. Where has Yuji gone? Did he finally disappear?

In this third season, there is a clear break between Yuji and the audience as he changes his status from her to antagonist. Shana takes over as the main character this season, and she opens up more with the viewers as Yuji did in the past.

A lot of minor characters become more important now, and with the sudden influx of characters to keep track of, Shakugan no Shana's third season can be a bit confusing. On top of this, the concepts of good and evil seem to be gone. No one seems to be “good” or “bad” anymore, and Yuji's reasons for joining the other side are not revealed until much later. Fortunately, if you are confused, there is a special feature in the DVD menu. This feature is on each disk for the entire series, but I only noticed it recently. They are a series of short cartoons that are set up in a classroom. Shana goes over key terms in the show and provides a little extra information about them.

Also on the DVD menu is a feature called Shana-tan. There are multiple skits that parody the show. I love it when a show doesn't take itself too seriously. Despite the fact that it is only a bonus feature, I found myself really enjoying each “Shana-tan” episode and laughing at the over-exaggeration of personalities, or in some cases, the complete changes in personalities. I'd have to say my personal favorite is Yoshida's obsession with Yuji. She is really creepy about it, but her scenes are done in a generic cutesy-romantic anime style.

The plot revolves around an all-out war between the Flame Haze and Crimson Denizens. While seeing the different abilities the Flame Hazes have is interesting, the multiple war strategizing scenes were boring to me. Everything went in one ear and out the other. The whole season seemed to have a very different feel to it, and I'm not sure if I liked it that much.

Because of this different mood, there were a few times that I didn't feel like I was watching Shakugan no Shana. However, overall, I did enjoy Shakugan no Shana. The action scenes were exciting, and as always, I appreciated the wide variety of abilities and magical powers the characters possessed. Speaking of characters, I enjoyed watching the characters grow as the series continued. While Yuji's character began to distance himself from the audience, I understand why they decided to write it that way.

However, in all, I was not too crazy about the conclusion to Shakugan no Shana. I felt that a lot of questions were unanswered. But most importantly, I felt that one character changed completely, and there was not enough reasoning in the show for it. Shakugan no Shana is a great show for action fans who are looking for something beyond the “good versus evil” plot. And while the third season has its flaws, it is still worth watching.

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