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Long, long ago in a city far away...

(Actually, it was a couple of weeks ago and the place was right around the corner.)

We meet Ryoko Okami, affectionately referred to as Okami-san. If you weren't aware, Okami is the Japanese word for wolf. By her side is a short girl with red hair and a cloak. Her name is Ringo, but she's also referred to as Red Riding Hood. Both girls are in high school and they belong to a club called The Otogi Bank.

The Otogi Bank deals with favors. A student can come into the bank and ask for any kind of favor. The bank will help them, and in exchange, the student has to agree to assist the bank one time at the bank's request. The Otogi Bank is very popular, and students come in all the time asking for anything from cleaning classrooms, to babysitting younger siblings, to storming the rival high school.

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The bank has an interesting staff. There's the class president, Liszt and his cousin, Alice, who plays the part of the businesslike secretary. She is the only real normal member of this oddball group. Otsu is the cheerful maid who has severe issues about having anyone do anything for her. Majolica is an eccentric inventor who resembles Luna Lovegood from the Harry Potter series, although I suppose she's supposed to be the Mad Hatter if you caught on to the fairy tale theme. Taro is the Prince Charming who can't resist making eyes at every female he sees. And Otohime is his insecure girlfriend who keeps him in check.

One day, Okami is walking home alone when she hears a voice and footsteps following her. A young man comes out of the shadows and confesses his undying love for her. The problem is, Okami doesn't even know who he is. Apparently they are in the same class together, but have never really spoken to each other.

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Okami tells Ringo about the incident and Ringo does some research. The boy's name is Ryoshi Morino and he is indeed in their class. He is average height, weight, and build. The only distinguishing feature about him is that he has no distinguishing features. It turns out that Ryoshi grew up in the country and had no one his own age to talk to, and he developed a fear of being stared at. So he adapted and studied how to blend in with crowds and divert the attention from himself.

Ringo contacts Ryoshi and talks him into joining The Otogi Bank. She believes his ability to blend in would make him a valuable asset. That, and he could have a chance to prove himself to Okami.

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Okami-san and her Seven Companions is a blend of genres. There is a lot of action and fighting and we get to see Okami wield her Kitty Fists pretty often. There is romance, with Ryoshi trying his hardest to please Okami. And, of course, Okami and her lone wolf nature will have none of it. Another important part to the show is the humor. Not only is the script witty and funny, but the narrator herself is an amusing character. The narrator possesses the voice of a sweet grandma, yet she will make sharp comments about the characters, such as Okami's and Ringo's lack of the traditional oversized anime bustline. The narrator acts almost as a friend sitting beside you commenting on the show.

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Because of the variety to the show, Okami-san and her Seven Companions can appeal to a wide range of people. It's silly, cute, heartbreaking, and full of action. Each episdode is a little story that gives you a little of each of those elements and always has a happy ending.

Because, after all, all's well that ends well.

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