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Forbidden powers. Betrayal. Identity. Dango. These are the main themes of Legend of the Legendary Heroes.

Ryner Lute is the bearer of an Alpha Stigma, and he is known as the most powerful mage in the kingdom of Roland. Those with the Alpha Stigma have the incredible ability to take magic cast at them and replicate it. Because the magic in every kingdom is different, those who have the Alpha Stigma are incredibly powerful.

However, the Alpha Stigma has its drawbacks. Those who use the Alpha Stigma are inevitably consumed by power and can no longer control their abilities. They destroy all those around them, including themselves. Because of this, the general public treats those with an Alpha Stigma as sub human killing machines. Ryner is not used to having friends, because he is afraid that everyone will dismiss him as a monster.

He dreams of a world where he can just live like everyone else. He dreams of a place with no wars or hardship. A place where afternoon naps are the order of the day.

And it is this dream of his which has led him on a quest to collect “Hero Relics”. King Sion, the King of Roland, went to a military academy with Ryner and befriended him. When circumstances led to Ryner being imprisoned for a few years, he spent that time writing and dreaming of a better world. Sion had been reading the writings of the imprisoned Ryner. Sion had always disliked war and he wanted to be a king that would change the world for the better. Upon reading the documents that Ryner authored, Sion came to believe that collecting the Hero Relics would help Sion make the country he dreamed of.

Traveling beside Ryner is a swordswoman named Ferris. She is very proud and the only thing she loves more than giving Ryner insults is eating dango. In fact, her only reason for coming along was because the King ordered her favorite dango shop closed if she did not agree to join Ryner. Beneath her cold appearance, she is actually very kindhearted, even after seeing Ryner realease his powers as an Alpha Stigma.

Legend of the Legendary Heroes is not a show for everyone. There are many names and countries to keep track of, and the nobles are sometimes hard to understand with their overly flowery language. This show, in some respects, reminded me of Record of Lodoss War. It had a similar adventure feel to it, but the biggest similarity was the complicated structure of the worlds in the two shows. This is a great show for anyone who likes adventure, and there is a good deal of mysteries to figure out as well.

Despite the slightly humorous title, I believe that Legend of the Legendary Heroes was an enjoyable show, although a bit depressing. Many scenes with Ferris and dango will keep the mood from getting too heavy most of the time. While it is not for everyone, many people will appreciate the detailed politics and setting of this anime.

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