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Have you ever been strolling along, peacefully minding your own business and enjoying the golden rays on a sunny afternoon when suddenly an oh-so-fearsome herd of small blue orbs of dogoo pounce and lick you senseless? How obnoxious, am I right? To most, this is probably a scene out of some whimsical fantasy scenario; but for the citizens of Gamindustry, it is but a way of life. Luckily for them, each of the four main cities of Gamindustry is ruled by a goddess who watches over and protects her citizens and country with all her might. With the scene almost set, lets take a moment to explore a light-hearted anime by the same name of the popular game series it spawned from: Hyperdimension Neptunia: The Animation.

For those unfamiliar with the game series, Hyperdimension Neptunia is based in the world of video games and the gaming industry. Each of the four ruling nations of Gamindustry have distinct qualities mimicking four of the main gaming console brands: Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony and Sega. Playing off that theme, each of the ruling goddesses (and their little sisters) of each kingdom have a somewhat likeness to the consoles they create: Neptune and her sister Nepgear hail from Planeptune and usually take the leading role; from Lastation reigns Noire and her sister Uni; Lowee is watched over by Blanc and her twin sisters Rom and Ram; and finally, from Leanbox is Vert. To aid in their ruling, the goddesses gain their power from shares given from their citizens these fluctuate with how the people view their leaders and their support or negativity towards them has quite the significant impact. Each of the goddesses has their normal form but can also transform into a super powerful CPU state in which they use their shares to gain unprecedented power to protect their country from various monsters and wrong doings. Of course, since the shares are not entirely limited per country it makes the goddesses friendly rivals in most aspects. Let the games commence!

Hyperdimension Neptunia: The Animation is a silly, fun and action packed anime that may not rate highest among the charts of things to watch, but would be a shame to miss out on completely (especially if there is appreciation had for both gaming and anime)! The plot of the anime itself plays off of many of the story elements found in the games but not an exact replica. This makes it both new and reminiscent for those familiar with the games but also wont leave newcomers completely lost either. The story primarily focuses on the goddesses, their sisters and friends as they work together and compete against one another ruling their countries and fighting against those trying to take down the game industry through various methods whether that be kidnapping, hacking or other gaming related downfalls.

One of the things that truly makes this anime endearing is its ability to pull from so many gaming sources for humor as well as not take itself too seriously. Watching the characters visit a theme park chock full of distinctly Nintendo related items (playing in pipes from Super Mario, collecting coins and bouncing on mushrooms) to battling hackers (you know, remember that time PSN got hackedor how servers go down nearly every holiday season for some reason or another) to releasing new technology a la Microsofts Kinect. There are even a few episodes in which the goddesses visit R-18 Island (adult content only, ooh la la) to investigate some nefarious deed or other. Lets add in plenty of suggestive humor as well as some fourth wall breaking interludes and it simply makes for a fun time.

That isnt to say there isnt a fair share of drama to the series, but it never gets too terribly deep or heart-wrenching. The characters are adorable and simply exude unique personality and their interactions are a delight. The combat scenes are well done and display a good range of how the characters perform in the games as well. You may never feel the emotional attachment to any of them that other series will work hard to build, but in its own way it works out perfect.

Hyperdimension Neptunia is a series that will surely entertain especially for those with interest in the gaming industry on any level. From the hyperactive music accompanying each episode to the humor that quite nearly makes up its entire being, it is simply an amusing series from start to finish to kick back with after a long week of work, school and other daily activities. So give it a shot! If you like it, just think there are at least eight or so games in the series made up of the same craziness but with even more combat action!

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