High School DxD Review


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High School DxD starts off in introducing the young hero, Issei Hyodo, a student of Kuoh Academy, whose only ambition is to seek out sexy girls and absorb himself in perverse thoughts about them. In fact, his main goal in going to Kouh Academy was that it used to be an all-girl school. With the ratio of girls being significantly higher than that of guys attending, Issei believed the girls would be throwing themselves at him. Imagine his surprise when after being there for two years, not one girl has approached him.

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But when you spend your time being a perverted peeping tom on all the girls, is it really any wonder why none of the ladies are keen on going out with Issei? It is upon one of these peeping tom acts that a group of angry female students chase Issei and his friends off. They take up hiding outside one of the school buildings and ramble about the feast for the eyes they have just seen. Issei looks up to see a red headed beauty staring out at him. According to his friends, her name is Rias Gremory, President of the Occult Club. She doesn't stay by the window long, but that is enough for Issei to become quite smitten with her.

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After school, Issei finds himself on a bridge thinking about Rias and becoming despaired over the fact that he may never have a girlfriend. As if on cue, a pretty girl approaches him. Her name is Yuma and she asks if he would like to be her boyfriend. Issei joyfully accepts this offer and in the following days, shows Yuma off to all of his friends. The two set out for their first date and everything goes prefect until the very end when Yuma decides ending the date should be with Issei dying.

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She transforms into a dark angel looking being and informs Issei that he is a threat to her kinds' plan and that he must die. He gets right on that note as Yuma stabs him in the chest with a spear. As he lies dying with his blood pooling around him, Issei begins to think back on Rias and her red hair. He suddenly sees Rias before him. She is reviving him and claims that he is now hers. Issei awakens in his room shocked and believes his ordeal to have been a nightmare. As the day progresses, he tries to process his dream only to wind up running into another dark angel. Issei is once again stabbed and sees Rias coming to his aid, however when he awakens this time, he is not alone. Rias is in bed with him.

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Issei flutters about in confusion, but Rias calmly introduces herself as Rias Gremory, a powerful demon of the Gremory family, and Issei's new master. So begins Issei's journey as a devil servant in the company of the Occult Club. There he learns under the tutelage of the other devil members how to become a proper demon. He also explores his new relationship with Rias and the mystery behind why the dark angels want him dead.

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This show, while a definite push toward male audiences with the nudity and guy humor in some sections, is actually pretty funny and could appeal to anyone. A romantic comedy with supernatural action would be my best description of it. 12 episodes make up Season One and two story arcs are covered within. The animation is quite nice to look at and the colors are vivid. I also have to give credit to the voice actors. Dubbing was on par and each voice felt natural coming from the characters in their performance. Of course, if dubbing is not your thing, the Japanese audio is there as well. Even with the fan-service, I believe there is something there for everyone in the series, so please do yourself a favor and check this one out!

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