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Everyone's favorite countries are back! Crash diets, snowball fights, arranged marriages, and gender confusion are just a few of the awkward situations our characters get into this season.

Hetalia is a unique show in that all of the countries of the world are portrayed as characters in a story. Each character is named after their country and the personality is shaped by their customs, traditions, and military strength. Most of the stories in Hetalia take place during both World War I and World War II. Stories about the past often portray the characters as chibis, or miniature versions of themselves. Hetalia is all about how the countries of the world interact with each other. While a lot of the humor is tongue in cheek and some sensitive viewers may be offended by the material, I actually did learn a couple of historical facts.

I feel that summarizing the season won't really do that much good. It would go along the lines of Germany and Japan went on a diet, then other things happened, and then they were all cats for a while... Yep, that's Hetalia in a nutshell.

I typically don't write too much about bonus material in the reviews I write, but I felt that the material on this specific show deserved a few words. It is a pretty standard bonus disk, containing a gag reel, trailers, and interviews with voice actors. But there were also a couple of shorts that were not included in the series. One of them, Chibitalia, was a story about Italy's past and the country's relationship with the Holy Roman Empire. But the part that impressed me the most was the short about America cleaning out his storage. It was not the first time the show talked about a country's past, or even about previous wars. However, I felt that the short did a good job of conveying a more emotional and serious side to America's bubbly and carefree personality.

I also appreciated this particular short because Hetalia in general has no real story arc, as each episode of the main series is full of multiple little snippets. Because of this, I often get confused and still have trouble telling when one joke ends and the next one starts. The episode with America cleaning out his storage was complete, enjoyable, and surprisingly emotional.

It is my belief that the fan base of this anime is divided into a few different categories. Group one is the fan girls who like to watch the pretty boys with foreign accents. Another group is the history fans who actually get most of the jokes and are amused by the political humor. The third are those who first watched for the eye candy and actually got interested in history. As for me? I'm not sure if I get all of the jokes, but the ones that I do get I am amused by. Once again, I would recommend this to history fans, particularly those who are interested in the World Wars.

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