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Imagine the countries of the world personified as people. Imagine all the bickering, insults, and witty humor. You pretty much have Hetalia in a nutshell.

Hetalia first started out as a web comic, and it was released in manga and anime forms to follow. Hetalia: Paint it White! is the first movie released for the series. Aliens are attacking the world and turning everything into colorless blobs. All of the people are turning into white silhouettes that have no free will. It is up to the countries of the world to save the day.

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This movie was my first experience with Hetalia, and I would say that it was a positive one. I was amused by the candid jokes between the countries, and more than once I had to ask, "Did he really say that?" Many of the jokes are based on country relations around World War II, and it's mind-boggling how such a serious event was able to produce such funny material. I would think that if I were more into history, I would have gotten even more of the jokes and enjoyed the movie a bit more.

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At first, I wasn't sure what to make of America, the character representing the United States. He was loud, obnoxious, and very bossy, often claiming to be the hero. I sat and watched him for a moment, and then realized I liked him. All of the characters are caricatures. Germany is uptight and militant and takes everything way too seriously. China has a panda strapped to his back, and our heroes are often rescued from hunger by a random China Town. Italy is wimpy and often surrenders before the battle has even begun. Japan carries himself like a middle aged business man: overly polite and formal. Uptight England and romantic France are constantly at odds with each other. Russia often talks about the snow and how he enjoys being in the cold.

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Seeing all of the countries interact with each other is truly amusing to watch. At one point in the movie, all of the characters attempt to calm down the aliens by welcoming them in their own tradition of their country of origin. All of the welcoming ceremonies were quite over the top and stereotypical for their country. For example, France prepares the aliens a feast of gourmet food. And America tries to show the aliens a good time by bringing the Vegas experience to them.

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One thing that I noticed the series did was do short intermissions in the movie that included short skits. Some of the shorts had the best jokes in the whole movie, and they weren't so long that you forgot what was going on in the movie.

In all, I enjoyed Hetalia: Paint it White! and it amused me so much that I am willing to look more into the series. If you aren't easily offended by blunt jokes or stereotypes of the countries of the world, I would recommend this show. The jokes are well written, and I found myself laughing a lot.

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