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Hellsing follows the story of the Hellsing family who created the Hellsing organization. Their job is to search and destroy all forms of the undead, mostly vampires, and protect queen and country(in England).

Common people of the world still do not know that the undead even exist, and the Hellsing organization keeps it that way. The main plot is to discover who is behind creating artificial" vampires via computer chips.

Alucard is a vampire who swore loyalty to the Hellsing family and is the secret weapon of the Hellsing organization. Alucard is your typical badass who shoots and ask questions later. He is borderline insane and yet has a very strong sense of loyalty towards his master Sir Integra. He is the main character and by far the most powerful.

Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing is the head of the Hellsing family and leader of the Hellsing organization. She inherited the organization from her father whom passed away of illness. He told her that upon his death he was to go into the dungeons of their estate to unlock their secret weapon, Alucard. Since then Sir Integra has been running the show and has had Alucard as her right hand of death. (something is wrong in the paragraph, who is she?)

Seras Victoria aka "Police Girl" is an officer whom after being turned into a vampire by Alucard is recruited into the ranks of the Hellsing organization. She is very stubborn, despite having become a vampire she refuses to drink the blood of humans. She is mostly there for comic relief but she has the most compassion of anyone in the cast. She is one of the few characters to mourn deaths during this anime.

Hellsing begins very strongly, introducing Alucard doing what he does best, killing a vampire. This is what you would expect at first from a vampire hunting anime. The show was very quick to fill us in on the plot details.

The first episode in fact I thought was amazing. It covered the introduction of almost the entire cast, and even brought in Seras Victoria too (She was turned into a vampire at the very end of the episode).

Sadly the anime did not keep up the quality throughout its entire 13 episode run. This was the problem, they only made 13 episodes. The plot began to be rushed especially in the later half.

The first few episodes established the Hellsing organization extremely well. It made out the Hellsing organization to be cut throats who weren't afraid of any form of undead. They did a good job of showing off Alucard's and Seras' weaponry, describing the materials they were made of and how they operated. The episodes also did a good job of establishing connection to characters main and side alike.

My only real problem with the first half of Hellsing was that some parts seemed irrelevant to the plot yet they waste precious episodes explaining side story.

For example...

It turns out, England at this time is Protestant. The Catholics, Run by the Vatican, breach England to dispatch vampires via their "Paladin" Alexander Anderson. His importance as a character is minimal to the major plot, yet he appears twice to have an all-out battle with Alucard. While yes, this is cool, it added hardly anything to the story. After the fight we hear all this... almost political jargon about the dispute between England and the Vatican.

During the second half of Hellsing however things start to get a little crazy. With lots of different things happening all at once and this is where I began to get annoyed. The episodes were plagued with "dreams" or "illusions" for minutes at a time yet they would not establish that it was not real leaving me confused and frustrated for minutes. Though I want to note that it did not impact how much I enjoyed the show as a whole.

Hellsing has several great characteristics. It features a diverse and interesting voice cast. I particularly enjoyed that they took the time to give the characters appropriate accents for being in England. Every character's voice was unique and refreshing and that is something you can never over look in an anime. Some dubs can be absolutely terrible, but Hellsing did it right. Speaking of sound, the music was great. I don't really know how else to describe it, the music has a way of portraying a scene in an entirely different light and they use that to their advantage.

Hellsing is pretty action-packed, if you like blood, gore, vampires and swearing this anime is right up your alley. I enjoyed the action scenes greatly and the best part was that it never got stale. They always seemed to introduce a new element into a fight.

Lastly the cast of characters is pretty solid. All of them are enjoyable and are all very unique, because of this I became attached to all of them and got a lot more out of the plot despite it clearly being rushed.

There is something for almost everyone including action and adventure. It is a trip into the unknown realm of the undead. Take the time to watch the 13 episodes and I believe you will consider Hellsing worth your time.

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