Heaven's Lost Property Review


May 16, 2012 by

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Tomoki Sakurai is an average boy who loves peace and quiet. He would have gladly spent the rest of his days living out a peaceful existence, however, that idea is shattered when an angel falls from the sky and proclaims him to be her master. Thus begins the series called Heaven's Lost Property.

The angel that falls in to Tomoki's care calls herself Ikaros and states that she is a Pet Class Angeloid who is there to do whatever Tomoki wishes. Tomoki, who is a first rate pervert, sees this as a most wonderful opportunity to fulfill his dreams of seeing boobs and panties. In fact one of his first wishes from Ikaros is to become invisible so that he can watch his childhood girlfriend Sohara Mitsuki get dressed.

Besides Sohara, other characters who help Tomoki adjust to his new life with an Angeloid are Eishirou Sugata, an intelligent boy who is fixated on discovering the new world that he believes Ikaros to be from, and Mikako Satsukitane, a pretty girl with a two faced personality who basks in lavish settings due to being the daughter of a Mafia boss. The four humans and Ikaros form the group that a couple episodes revolve around until another Angeloid called Nymph arrives. She sees herself above the humans and calls them bugs. She tolerates being with the others and appears to be there to check up on Ikaros. However, hints at her real goal come forth and we learn that Ikaros may not be what she is claiming to be.

A three disc set make up Season One. Two discs are for the episodes and one is an extras DVD. Most of the episodes revolve around Tomoki's plans of a perverted nature so fan-service is a big part of the show's drive. In fact an actual plot doesn't reveal itself until much later in the series, but the shows are so humorous to watch that it didn't really bother me. Another aspect that appealed to me is the music of the ending credits. Each episode contains a different ending song and animated sequence that is based off what the show was dealing with in that episode. For example, in one episode, Tomoki inadvertently sets off a wish that Sohara wear panties that he likes. Thus each pair of underwear the Sohara puts on that doesn't appeal to Tomoki would fly off and out into the air like a bird. The ending credits for that episode show millions of panties flying like migratory birds around the world.

With loads of fan service and flying panties, this show is mainly directed at a male audience, but I found that there is something there for everyone. There are hints at romance, sci-fi, and action, but comedy is a key point of the show. Comedy is something that everyone can appreciate so naturally all are welcome to take a look at this series. I definitely took a shine to the show and would love to continue watching the series. Anyone want to buy me Season Two? J

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