Heaven's Lost Property Season Two Review


July 15, 2012 by

Heaven's Lost Property Season Two Image

Tomoki Sakurai the young, perverted hero of Heaven's Lost Property had grown accustomed to peace and quiet until the beings called Angeloids fell from the sky into his lap. Season two continues with all new episodes showcasing mostly Tomoki's drive to see boobs and panties, but a few new surprises are in store. These include a new Angeloid sent to Earth and a darker presence that makes itself more prominent in the episodes.Ikaros and Nymph, the original Angeloids from Season One, have made themselves at home with Tomoki, and strive to do what they can to make him happy for that is their purpose. Angeloids were made to serve and please their master. They find it hard to think for themselves and rely on Tomoki for direction. He wants nothing more for them to make themselves happy and does his best to teach them human ways and emotions. He is not alone in this task though. His friends from Season One: Sohara, Sugata, and Mikako are all still there sharing in his adventures.

Little do they know though that high in the sky, where the Angeloids come from, the original master of Ikraos and Nymph has been brooding. Furious that his two servants have abandoned him, he decides to teach them a lesson. He sends another Angeloid called Astraea to finish off Tomoki. Unfortunately for him, Astraea is not the brightest Angeloid and continuously fails in her endeavors to kill Tomoki. She gets side-tracked by food easily and soon finds herself being welcomed into the group.

As expected the master in the sky, retaliates with another plan to kill them all off. He has been building a new version of the Angeloids. One that can match up and surpass these previous ones and one that he has been grooming for going after them.

This darker turn in the series in my opinion gives the Angeloids a little more substance. Their characters develop more as they are tested to come to the realization that they can be independent and think for themselves. Now, don't get me wrong, all the raunchy humor is still amusing and fun to watch, but having an actual plot to shoot for is always nice. Another thing that is included that I liked from Season One, is having a different animated credit ending and song for each episode. I have never seen this in an anime. I have only just seen the different opening/endings for new seasons. So this was cool in my opinion.

I have really enjoyed this series so far. Watching the Angeloids adjust to the human world and seeing all the perverted humor that Japan can offer makes for a fun day. As I have said before, this series has something for everyone. Fan service is still a major part of the show and that may be enough for many, but the series does start to pick up on the plot to help shape a story. So if you enjoy comedy, romance, and or science fiction aspects, then give this series a go. I promise you won't be disappointed. ;)

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