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Asumi, Eri, and Iori are three high school girls who are looking forward to their futures in college. They enjoy talking, eating lunch together, and slaying monsters. Yes, these are three ordinary girls. They are just a few of the players in the worldwide Massive Multiplayer Online game, The World.

The World is what many people consider to be their second life. The online game is a role playing game (RPG) where people create their own avatars and do various quests for prizes and experience points to get stronger.

The first time we see the girls playing the game, Asumi and her friends come across a group of players preparing to battle the hardest enemy in the game. Not wanting to get in the way, and not being strong enough to join in, the three girls pass by at a distance. Asumi, wanting to capture a screenshot, runs toward the group, stepping on a trap switch, sealing the army's fate. The monster goes on a rampage and all but destroys the group. Asumi and her friends escape, but for a price. A bounty is put on her character's head for interfering with the clan's battle they took so much work to prepare for.

While Asumi lays low for the time being, she meets a player with a cat avatar who goes by the name Hermit. The two become fast friends, but the group who put the bounty on Asumi's head spots the prey and chases her.

Asumi's friends, Iori and Eri jump in for the rescue, but during the fight, Eri gets struck by a mysterious force and is knocked back. Asumi reaches for her and feels real pain in her hand. She is knocked out of the game as her physical body is thrown across the room.

Asumi learns that Eri is in a coma. The hand that she grabbed Eri with is numb. Asumi's doctors tell her to just take a break from her gaming and she will be fine. Eri's coma doesn't seem to concern the doctors too much, either, and they claim that she will get better in no time. But Iori's suspicions are raised when she finds a list of players' personal information and sees Eri on the list. They are players of The World who are all hospitalized and in comas. They are being kept in hospitals that are owned by the same company that owns the game. How are the players falling ill? And is there anything that Iori and Asumi can do to help their friend?

.hack//Quantum is a three episode OVA. The disk includes bonus features, such as trailers, commercials, a cooking segment with the voice actors, and a goofy little cartoon.

Overall, I enjoyed .hack//Quantum. I enjoyed the unique culture of The World. I also liked how the show focused on the friendships and teamwork between the players of The World. The show was action-packed, mysterious, and had the perfect amount of humor. I would recommend .hack//Quantum to both players and non-players alike.

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