Fullmetal Alchemist: The Sacred Star of Milos Review


December 12, 2012 by

Fullmetal Alchemist: The Sacred Star of Milos Image

Edward and Alphonse Elric return in their second movie debut Fullmetal Alchemist: The Sacred Star of Milos. On the night of the Harvest Festival, Ed and Al chase down a mysterious alchemist who has broken out of prison. The alchemy used by the man is unlike anything Edward and Al have seen before. Being out matched by the man, the brothers lose track of him, but remain determined in finding their culprit again. They discover that despite being an alchemist, which would have offered him escape at any time, the man willingly sat in prison for months. A newspaper with a clipping torn out is found underneath the man's bed. The clipping states that a young woman, Julia Crichton, has been arrested for illegally trying to enter Table City, a small town that is set between the border of Amestris and Creta.

The brothers set off for Table City in the hopes of tracking the man down. Unfortunately, just as they are about to enter the city, their train is attack by a vicious wolf-chimera. The chimera is also hunting the mysterious alchemist and as Edward does battle with the creature, the unknown alchemist reveals himself as one of passengers on the train. The prospect of a quick capture is thwarted however as a group called the Black Bats descends from the sky. An all-out war begins as the Black Bats begin shooting many of the military forces on the train. The strain of their battle within the train and Ed, the unknown alchemist, and the wolf-chimera's on the top of the train send the locomotive on a crash course into the city station. Edward and Al manage to stop the train from smashing full force and take off into the city as the battle seems to be heading toward the prison where Julia Crichton is being held.

Both the Black Bats and the unknown alchemist storm the prison in an apparent effort to rescue Julia. At the climax of the heated battle chase, Al and Julia end up falling into a slum valley that lies between Amestris and Creta. They are saved by the unknown alchemist who reveals himself to be Julia's brother, Ashley Crichton. Julia and Ashley's parents were two alchemists studying important alchemic research which got them murdered. Ashley tells Julia that a wolf-chimera was the killer and that after he witnesses their parent's murder, the chimera turned its attention on Ashley who held the very information the creature was looking for. He fled and took refuge in the prison systems for many years, always in the effort to disappear from those chasing him for their parent's research. Julia, overjoyed to see her brother again, reveals that after the night of their parent's murders, she was taken in by the people that live in the valley they fell into. The Black Bats, she explains, are a part of the valley group that helped to raise her.

Meanwhile, Edward is busy descending to the valley floor to reunite with his brother. As both Ed and Al make their way into the valley town, the story of these people is slowly revealed to them. The slum city is Milos and the people there have been robbed of the home of their holy land which was once the land above in the now providence of Creta. Creta and Amestris began fighting each other in an effort to obtain the other territories' alchemy. Amestris eventually won and those survivors of Creta were forced to the valley slum where they are basically trapped as anyone caught trying to climb back up are shot down.

The people of Milos are planning to fight for their freedom. Julia tells the brothers that they are working on finding the fabled Sanguine Star, which is what her parents were researching before they died. Edward reveals to Julia that they know of the Sanguine Star by another name, the Philosopher's Stone, and the terrible price that comes in trying to create one. Even after learning the truth about the Sanguine Star, the people of Milos are still determined to follow through on their plan for freedom. The battle will be a hard one and they are no match against the military forces that oppress them as they are now. As the action heats up, Edward and Alphonse must decide on how they want to proceed with the Milos Revolution. They know firsthand what horrifying deeds have been done in the hopes to make a Philosopher's Stone, and their bodies themselves are a testament to those who would dabble in God's domain.

The Sacred Star of Milos was a real joy to watch. Being a fan of the original series, it was nice to see the characters back for another round of alchemic adventure. The movie is able to stay true to the original Fullmetal charm while still offering an action packed story all its own. Two thumbs up from me!

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