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After leaving such a glowing review of the previous season of Fairy Tail, it feels strange that I was so unsatisfied with this season. Honestly, the weak villains were what really bothered me. What is the point of a souped-up fighting scene if you really don't feel any creativity in the development of the villain?

Master Zero, the main villain of the Oracion Seis story arc, lacked any strong motive for his evil. It felt like he was evil simply for evil's sake, and his insanity wasn't very convincing, either. Occasionally in movies, games, etc there will be a villain who just wants destruction, but it is very rarely pulled off well.

Speaking of bad villains, the lizard-hotdog eatin', southern' twangin', cowboy hat wearin' female villain of the next story arc was more strange and obnoxious than evil. Her lack of a strong motive, combined with her annoying personality, had me counting down to the end of the episode.

While I'm complaining here, another thing I wasn't crazy about was a plot twist in which our Fairy Tail heroes attempt to beat up the police officers when they came to take Jellal away. Jellal had just won back everyone's trust by confessing that he had no recollection of who he was or what he had done. I felt that everyone was too quick to accept him and defend him so easily. Fairy Tail wizards are known for standing up for their friends and also for being reckless, but I felt that this particular scene seemed more careless than reckless. And while Natsu seems to have a streak of befriending old enemies, I was still shocked he forgave Jellal so quickly. Typically Natsu is easy to forgive those who have personally done him harm. Jellal had caused much suffering to Natsu's friend, Erza. It just seemed a bit out of character for me. Call me strange, but I think it should take more than one episode to make a character win back lost trust.

One positive thing about this season of Fairy Tail is that cementing of Wendy Marvell as a new main character. Most of the other main characters tend to have strong, assertive personalities. It will be interesting to see how her quiet shy nature will mix in with the Fairy Tail guild's rowdy group. Wendy's age will also be an interesting contrast. Natsu and pals look as if they are in the youngest age group at Fairy Tail. Wendy looks to be a few years younger than them. But that had me thinking: there were no child wizards in the guild. This struck me as odd, because there have been multiple flashback scenes depicting many of the main characters as members of the Fairy Tail guild during their childhood. Perhaps Wendy's appearance will pave the way for younger guild members to join as well.

In all, I felt as if the writers of Fairy Tail are starting to grasp at anything for a new villain. Hopefully this isn't a sign of things to come. With the addition of the new main character, there would be many more ideas for episodes and stories, so I am going to be remaining optimistic for the upcoming episodes of Fairy Tail.

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