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Season Five of Fairy Tail is action packed as usual. When a group of dark wizards known as The Oracion Seis seeks a forbidden power that turns light into darkness, candidates from various wizarding guilds are recruited to put a stop to these villains once and for all. This group of candidates is truly a mixed bag. Some of them are intimidating. One is surprisingly young. A few of them are a bit overly friendly to women. One of them in particular is very... disturbing. Despite their differences, they are all powerful wizards. And they are going to need all the power they can get if they hope to put a stop to The Oracion Seis.

The Fairy Tail series always has no shortage of new characters, and this season is no different. Wendy is a new addition to the cast of Fairy Tail. She is a very young wizard with extremely powerful magic. She is very timid and is constantly being pushed around by her partner, Clara. At first, she doesn't seem to know anyone in this group of recruits. But as the story goes on, we learn that she has connections with multiple characters.

While watching the show you know that everything's always going to be okay. When a character appears to die, they're almost always alright in the end. You know that there will be a lesson on friendship, or a speech about never giving up no matter how bad things may be. Despite all of these things, I still enjoy each story arc as much as the last. The bizarre characters truly make the show worth watching.

A good example of the strange and wonderful characters in this show is Natsu. At first he seems like the generic boyish hyperactive hero type, but he has a soft heart. He tries to help Lucy find money to pay her rent and he wants nothing in return. He doesn't even have a crush on her or anything, he is just that good of a friend.

He tries to save the town, but not to be a hero, but because he genuinely cares about everyone in the town, even those he considers his rivals. As for rivals and enemies, after he beats them up enough for them to give up their evil ways, he welcomes them into his own guild with open arms and is always looking to challenge them to a friendly match. On top of all that, his best friend is a cutesy flying cat. Oh, yeah. And he has pink hair. How many macho guys in anime can actually pull off pink hair?

Life at the Fairy Tail guild is never dull. Even the filler episodes at the beginning of this season are action-packed, if not a little bizarre. Those who have been following the series up until now will not be disappointed. There are plenty of good jokes to keep the mood light, and as always, the variety of magic, characters and all of the bizarre designs makes this season of Fairy Tail fun to watch.

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