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This season wraps up the Tower of Heaven story arc. We learn just how strong Erza can be, even without her customary armor. Later, there is a big festival in own and Lucy is hoping to pay the bills by entering the annual Fairy Tail pageant. The girls of the guild strut their stuff when something goes horribly wrong. Laxus, a class S wizard and the guild master's grandson, decides to start a competition of his own. He is tired that people are saying the guild is not as strong as it used to be, so he takes matters into his own hands. All of the pageant contestants are turned to stone, and the guild members are forced to do battle with one another in order to save the girls before it is too late.

Fairy Tail has always been a show that focuses on the power of friendship, and this fourth season is no exception. When faced with a powerful foe, Lucy and Juvia, previously known as The Rain Lady defy all odds when they unleash an unheard of attack. Later in the season when a lightening attack is put around the city, Juvia shows her loyalty to her friends once more. There are spheres of magic surrounding the city, threatening the lives of those who live there. The spheres can be destroyed, but the one who destroys the sphere will absorb the lightening and be harmed. When Juvia is in Laxus's game, she must defeat a fellow Fairy Tail wizard to proceed. Juvia starts attacking the spheres. She wants to help the town and she would rather harm herself before harming another member of the Fairy Tail guild.

The battle that Laxus creates for the guild members is another example of the importance of friendship to those in the Fairy Tail guild. No one wants to cause harm to their own friends, and the only thing that keeps them fighting is the thought that the female members are in grave danger.

As usual, the unique uses of magic and the great variety of spells keep the show fresh. There are different levels of magic that people possess, from fire and ice magic, celestial summoning, and even the power to turn enemies into cards. The different personalities and ambitions of the different characters causes them to use their magic differently. And with the introduction of combined techniques as demonstrated by Lucy and Juvia, there are sure to be more magic combinations to come in the series.

One thing that I enjoy about this show is that the heroes have to work together in order to solve their problems. While Erza always seems so strong, there was no way everyone was going to escape the Tower of Heaven if they did not combine their efforts. Despite Natsu's confidence, he also needed help from others. No one in this show is invincible, and although egos get bruised, the power of teamwork helps our heroes throughout their journeys time and time again.

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