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Fairy Tail's third season kicks off with the conclusion of the guild war between Fairy Tail and the Phantom Lord Guild. This requires finishing off the Elemental Four, the Phantom Lord Guild's strongest warriors. We learn what is to become of Elfman, the wizard who uses transformation magic.

After the dust settles from the remains of the guild war, Lucy notices that a fellow wizard named Loke is acting even more oddly than usual. Loke typically has a playboy attitude and everything he says sounds like a pick-up line. Due to "having a bad history with Celestial Wizards", Loke typically steers clear of Lucy. However, one evening, the two actually have a conversation and Loke seems disconnected from everything. After doing some research, Lucy learns Loke's secret and is determined to help him before it is too late.

The next story arc begins with our heroes on vacation. A group of Erza's old friends show up, and we finally begin to learn the past of the warrior wizard, Erza Scarlett. She is taken unwillingly to the Tower of Heaven where she must face her former best friend, Jellal. As usual, the season ends with a cliffhanger to keep you wondering about what happens next.

I felt that this season has been the strongest in character development so far. That is because we finally see Lucy take charge for once, and we are able to see that Erza wasn't always a stone-faced warrior. In previous season, Lucy has a tendency to get kidnapped. She is often rescued by Natsu and his friends. This becomes a pretty predictable cycle. The story arc featuring Loke was only a few episodes long, but I felt that it showed more of Lucy's personality and magical capabilities than the previous seasons combined. Lucy can summon spirits from the various Gatekeys she possesses. It is the nature of her magic to be reliant on others. However, during this particular story arc, when Loke was in trouble, Lucy used her spirits to help her research Loke's past and she ran to his aid without dragging Natsu and company into the situation. I hope that the series continues to showcase Lucy's strengths rather than have her repeatedly kidnapped again.

Erza's character development is quite the opposite. Lucy looks weak but we learn that she can be strong if need be. With Erza, we learn that she was not always strong. The very thought of meeting Jellal again terrifies her, even if she doesn't say this aloud to her friends. Erza is one of the most powerful wizards in Fairy Tail; she even absorbed a blow from a mana cannon that was supposed to wipe out an entire city and Erza survived. But in season three, we start to understand that Erza is just as human as everyone else.

Because the female leads were featured in season three, Natsu, typically the main hero, is pushed a bit into the background. I felt that this was a good choice. Natsu's fighting has been featured for the past two seasons, and to be honest, his moves are getting a bit stale and the fights a bit too predictable.

My hope is that the series continues to develop more character's personalities and back stories. One thing I've always enjoyed about Lucy's magic is that she uses it in creative ways. I hope that other characters will find multiple uses for their abilities as well, because the last thing an action series needs is a boring fight sequence.

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