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Fairy Tail Season 2 picks up where the first season left off. Our heroes are trying to save a cursed village with a purple moon. The season starts right away with lots of action and important battles.

One theme throughout the season is the past. We learn many back stories of the characters. For example, we learn more about Gray and his teacher, Ur. We learn the circumstances under which Natsu and Happy met, and also an important secret to Lucy's past.

After the quest at the cursed island, some strange things start happening around the guild. First, the guild gets vandalized in the middle of the night. Next, a few members of Fairy Tail are attacked. It's the rival guild, The Phantom Lord Guild, and it's war! Natsu meets his match when he fights another wizard who uses another form of Dragon Slayer Magic. We get to see a lot of minor characters fighting, and it is interesting to see so many different schools of magic all being used at once.

One thing I always liked about this show was that it never took itself too seriously. Even with the serious battles, there was still a joke thrown in here or there to keep the mood from getting too heavy. Fortunately, they cut back on Natsu's horrible fire puns during battle. I think he only mentioned the "fire in his belly" twice, so that is an improvement.

One of my favorite episodes this season was a filler episode in which the main characters accidentally switch bodies. It was funny to see the strong warrior, Erza, trapped in Happy's wimpy kitten body. None of the characters know how to use each other's magic. Lucy, who is trapped in Gray the ice wizard's body, is constantly drooling ice cubes. Happy was excited to be in Erza's body because he looked intimidating. While it was a goofy, lighthearted episode, we learn a lot about the characters' personalities. We also realize how different each branch of magic is, and how much training must be done to simply control the magic.

Another favorite moment of the series is an episode where Lucy asks Mira to explain a painting that was found in the library. The painting was done when a lot of the main characters were still children and brand new to the guild. It was interesting to see how much some characters had changed, and how some of them remained exactly the same. There were a couple of surprising things about different characters. We also get to learn how Happy earned his name, and we learn the back story about one of Natsu's childhood friends.

While season one focused on an introduction to the world of Fairy Tail, this second season focused more on character development and the characters' pasts. We learn why some characters joined the guild in the first place, and more about the roles that they play within the guild itself. Fairy Tail's second season is a great continuation of the series, and it is definitely worth giving a chance.

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