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Our favorite group of misfit wizards has come back for a full length feature. Fairy Tail: Phoenix Priestess focuses on the story of a mysterious young woman named clair who carries half of a Phoenix Stone. She isn't sure what it really does, but she has vague memories of when it was given to her. She ends up at the Fairy Tail guild and Lucy, Natsu, and the whole gang decide that they are going to help her solve the mystery of the Phoenix Stone.

If you are in the same point of the series as I am (I just finished watching Season 6), there will be a couple of big spoilers and at least one new character in the movie. Other than that, though, the movie has its own story and it doesn't necessarily take a Fairy Tail veteran to know what is going on.
The visuals have been upgraded for the movie, and a lot of the main characters look slightly different (for example Wendy's hair is purple in the movie while it is a navy blue in the series and most of the main characters are sporting new costumes), but not different enough to be distracting. There are, of course, fan service shots of male and female characters in true Fairy Tail fashion.

My biggest praise for the movie is the detail in the backgrounds. The City of Veronica, along with the backdrops in the Boundary Forest are breathtaking. The colors are vibrant and the settings have a dreamy feel to them. They remind one of a, well, fairytale book.

There are bonus features on the disk, including a prologue that explains a little more about clair and her friend Momon, before the events of the movie take place. I felt that the prologue did a good job of better explaining the relationship between the two, and it was pretty entertaining. Along with that, the prologue helps to flesh out these two movie-only characters. With a quiet, aloof type of character like clair, the prologue was especially helpful in seeing her softer side. After watching the movie, I would recommend giving the prologue a watch as well.

In all, I enjoyed watching Fairy Tail: Phoenix Priestess. The Middle Eastern style setting of the movie gave an exciting new feel to it, and I enjoyed the main story. While the movie didn't necessarily have the most original plot devices (the main character has amnesia-big shocker!), trying to figure out the mystery of the Phoenix Stones was pretty entertaining. The snobby prince character also made some rather amazing facial expressions that kept me amused.

Fans of Fairy Tail will definitely want to check out this movie, if only to watch it once. There's not much in the way of character development, as it is a stand alone from the anime series, but with Fairy Tail you can always count on fun special effects, goofy jokes, and a predictable, yet endearing theme of friendship.

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