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Welcome to the world of the Fairy Tail series.

Magic is an everyday thing in this world. People who dedicate their careers and time to studying and furthering their magic skills are called wizards. Wizards are employed at different guilds. At these guilds, they meet other members to make friends or form teams. In each guild, there is a board of jobs that wizards can take. Different ranks among guilds determine which jobs one is allowed to take on. Guilds are a huge deal in this land, and being a member of a guild means that you are representing your entire group of fellow wizards.

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Different groups have different rivalries. Some guilds are constantly competing with each other, while others tend to keep to themselves. There are also those who choose not to join a guild at all. This means that their magic is not registered and monitored. Many criminal gangs and thug groups are not members of guilds, and choose not to join guilds because they feel that it ties them down.

There are different guilds all over the land, but none are so famous as the Fairy Tail Guild. This guild is known to have the best of the best, and they are always featured in papers and magazines.

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And here's where we meet Lucy. She is a young woman whose greatest dream is to be a member of the Fairy Tail Guild. She has followed the papers religiously and she will stop at nothing to join. When she gets tricked into being kidnapped, a young man named Natsu and his companion, Happy, rescue her and take her to their guild, which just so happens to be Fairy Tail. Lucy joins the guild and slowly begins to learn the rules.

There are also different kinds of magic in this universe. Lucy is a Celestial Wizard. That means that she collects keys to call upon spirits in another dimension. They come to her aid and each have different powers. There are other kinds of magic as well. Erza, a friend Lucy meets a little ways into the series, can summon weapons out of another dimension. Gray can use ice magic to create inanimate objects out of ice, such as wall barrier, or a shield. Happy can use a sort of transfiguration magic that can make him sprout great wings.

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Natsu's magic is unique in that many people in his world think it no longer exists. Natsu was raised by a dragon, and thus knows magic used for taming dragons. He can inhale fire and spit it back out. Many opponents are startled by this kind of magic. Unfortunately, Natsu makes lots of terrible puns, and he refers to "having a fire in his belly" nearly every episode.

Fairy Tail can be seen as a mix of genres, but mostly comedy with the right amount of action mixed in. The show doesn't take itself too seriously, and I can appreciate that. Lucy's summons each have their own personalities, and my personal favorite is a large grandfather clock that Lucy rides inside when she is feeling too tired or too grumpy to deal with Natsu's antics. Another amusing summon she has is Cancer the crab, which is actually a barber holding a pair of scissors in each hand. Instead of actually harming enemies, he cuts off all of their hair, which works as a great distraction.

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Fairy Tail is a great show for someone who wants a good laugh with a splash of action. Not every episode revolves around battling or fighting, and even the fight sequences often are full of bad puns or goofy situations. The different kinds of magic are interesting, and the cleverly written dialogue is something that the watcher isn't soon to forget.

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