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Tatsumia Island is a quiet place where life is simple. One day, all of that changes for the people living there. A bizarre creature comes into being. This creature is known as a festum, and its goal is to annihilate all of mankind. The only way to fight back is to make use of Fafner, a giant robot with advanced technology.

Before I dive into this review, I would like to state a couple of things. Anime comes in many different genres: comedy, drama, action, romance, and so forth. But if you were to concentrate on one genre, you would see that there are many sub-genres. In the action genre, there is the ever-famous “Robot” or “Mech” sub-genre. It is so popular that many non-anime fans seem to think it is the only genre pertaining to anime. That, and the “sleazy” sub-genre, but that's another story… The question is, with so many others like it, does Fafner stand out from the crowd? My answer is… not especially.

Having watched the original Neon Genesis Evangelion in the past, I found it hard not to make comparisons right away. I told myself comparing shows would not really be a fair way to watch the show. But the similarities were hard to ignore. Children are piloting large humanoid robots to protect their home from alien-like creatures. I mean, even the festum, the enemy in this series, resemble the “angels” from Evangelion. If I were not watching the show for the review, I probably would have stopped at the end of the first disk and assumed it was just an imitation of other “Mech” shows.

It took a couple of disks for me to realize that it wasn't a complete knock-off; the story actually had some interesting developments. However, it didn't completely save the show from giving me any negative impressions. I felt there was a huge wall between Kazuki and the audience. Soushi asks him to pilot Fafner and Kazuki makes this decision quickly. However, we as the audience have been given no reasons why he decided to do that for a very long time. We don't see any deep emotion from much of anyone until the third disk or so. The story was interesting enough, but the characters all seemed to flat and emotionless up to this point. I am a firm believer that if the characters are lacking, it doesn't matter how great the story is; the characters drive the story.

The mysteries of the island's past were interesting, and it was fun to compare my predictions with what actually happened. Unfortunately, with a lot of plot twists in this show, I saw them coming a mile away. Nothing really took me completely by surprise. There are a few emotional scenes, some done better than others. In all, I would not call Fafner a bad show, but I would not call it great, either. I watched it once and that was plenty for me. Still, I'd recommend giving it a try. I would tell viewers to keep in mind that the show does get more interesting, it just takes a while to get there.

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