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The tiresome battle with the festum is finally over. Kazuki and his friends are enjoying a peaceful life on Tatsumia Island. Of course, we know that can't last forever! The familiar sirens begin to blare as Kazuki and his friends go back to the battlefield one more time in Fafner: Heaven and Earth.

When I saw that there was a movie for Fafner, I had mixed feelings. The series had left me with many unanswered questions. I was hoping that the movie would pick up where the show left off and it would answer those lingering questions I had. I was not very optimistic, though. Despite the unsolved mysteries, the end of the series had seemed pretty final. I did not really know where else the story could go. Unfortunately, I was left disappointed, as the movie did not build on the main story nearly as much as I would have liked.

Some time has passed since our heroes fought in a battle against the festum, and the signs of time passing are apparent. The main character's father seems older and is declining in health. Kazuki's past assimilation experiences are catching up with him; the ordeal has left him with little to no eyesight. Maya's feelings for Kazuki have changed, and we can see that she has matured. Teenage unrequited love has been replaced by a sisterly unconditional love as she knows that Kazuki's heart will always belong to Soushi, whether he is on this plane or not. The relationships between the characters are the biggest draws to the movie. Kazuki seems more open and honest with himself about his feelings for Soushi.

The overall plot felt forced. In the series, Kazuki and pals saved the day and the festum and humans agreed to live in peace. Now in the movie, the humans suddenly hunt down the festum again, provoking them to continue attacking the humans. There is not really an explanation for the sudden aggression of the humans. Revenge, perhaps? Even with that as a motive, it all feels a bit hollow. This leaves the movie having a very unenthusiastic here we go again vibe to it.

In all, I was not too impressed by the Fafner Movie. The movie focuses on one festum in particular. His name is Misao Kurusu and he is capable of his own thoughts. He learns to stand up to his mir, a god-like entity to him. He is able to tell the mir that he does not want the fighting to continue. However, I felt that the existence of festum with free will and individual thought had already been explored in the series, and the creation of Misao Kurusu's character to prove this point was unnecessary.
One place where the movie shines are the special effects. The battles that take place in the sky look really intense and you can tell they put a lot of time into it.

Overall, I felt Fafner: Heaven and Earth was lacking in many areas. The forced plot and the unsolved questions left me disappointed. This movie is best suited for die-hard fans of Fafner. I felt that the writers were trying to prove a point that had already been proven in the series: the fact that the festum were not evil to the core, and they really weren't that different from the humans. I didn't feel that an entire movie needed to be created to prove this point.

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