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Eden of the East was a television show that was followed by a few movies. Eden of the East: Paradise Lost is the latest edition to the series. The movie picks up where the previous one had left off.

In order to fully understand what is going on in Eden of the East: Paradise Lost, we have to look back to the beginning of the television series. Ten missiles hit areas in Japan where no people were living. The event was called "Careless Monday." It wasn't that much of a big deal to everyone because no one was harmed. Only three months later, a young woman named Saki meets our hero, Akira. He has no memories of his past life, and he has a mysterious phone.

Akira is determined to see the world be a better place. The phone he had was a tool used to play a sort of game. In this "game", the contestants were given ten billion yen to use towards making Japan a better place. The money was to be used solely for that purpose, and if the contestants were greedy with the money, they were eliminated from the game.

With this in mind, Akira tends to have a bit of a reckless personality. The movie is definitely action packed, including narrow escapes and lots of suspense. He learns a little bit about his past and comes to realize that having a past, even a cloudy one, helps him feel more whole, but at the same time, it is important to work for the here and now if things are ever going to change. He does not hesitate to do or speak what is on his mind, even if his friends take a few minutes to catch up to his speed.

There are a few bonus features included with the DVD of Eden of the East: Paradise Lost. There is a running commentary, trailers of the movie, and trailers of other things done by Funimation.

In all, I would say that Paradise Lost was definitely an interesting movie. It's a lot different from your standard anime. There are a lot of big issues addressed, and it is surprisingly political at times. The serious action scenes are balanced well with bits of humor so that the movie doesn't feel too heavy. The cast of characters is varied, but each one plays their role well, and the main characters are likable and you'll find it hard not to root for them.

I really enjoyed the overall idea of the "game": "What would you do to change your country?" This can easily be expanded to ask, "How would you change your world for the better?" A lot of people have dreams, but lack the funds to back it up. What would you do if you suddenly had that power? How could you get people to listen to you and take you seriously? Are you truly one to judge whether something should be done for the greater good?

It definitely leaves you with something to think about.

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