Dragon Box Volume Seven Review


January 12, 2012 by

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Dragon Box Volume Seven of the Dragonball Z series follows the ending of the Fusion and Kid Buu saga. It begins with episode 251 and leads off with the Z warriors turning to a last ditch effort in having Trunks and Goten do fusion in order to fight Majin Buu. The mischievous Gotenks is born out of the Fusion Dance. Full of arrogance and immense confidence in his abilities to clobber Buu, Gotenks sets out for an immediate battle. Buu ends up outclassing the "Mighty Gotenks" and the small warrior returns to the other Z fighters a bruised mess.

As Piccolo berates Gotenks on his arrogance, Majin Buu finds that Mr. Satan, the supposed hero from the Cell Games, has come to visit him. Mr. Satan attempts to butter up Buu with gifts and a promise of friendship while all the while trying to kill Buu by his own sneaky methods. Buu of course is too powerful to be taken down by the cheap tricks and eventually, Mr. Satan warms up to the large pink being. Buu has the personality of a child and reveals to Mr. Satan that he is going on his rampage just because that was what he was told to do. After hearing that his killing of people is a bad thing from Mr. Satan, Buu decides to stop his rampage and do all the fun things that Mr. Satan says he can do instead.

Unfortunately, this new found peace is shattered as a tragic event unfolds before Buu's eyes. The anger that Buu feels welling up inside him spews forth in the form of Evil Majin Buu. Now that this new Buu has been released, free from all innocence, the planet Earth finds itself in dire need of the Z warriors, more so than ever before! It looks as though Goku will have to cut his afterlife short and rejoin his comrades to take on the Evil Majin Buu, the most powerful villain that that the Dragon Ball Z Fighters have ever faced so far in the series!

40 un-cut original episodes make up this box set. Each one is filled with non-stop action and one finds them self really feeling for the characters as they are thwarted at every turn by Majin Buu. How long can they keep going and how many aces up their sleeve can they turn out? Both Japanese and English audio is available for viewing and another nice extra is the Dragon Book. This is a small art book that also gives a brief summary of all the episodes within the box set.

The ending of this saga is also a sort of finale to the Dragon Ball Z saga before Dragon Ball GT picks up. One of the reasons I enjoyed this box set so much was that it included a few episodes showing the characters just relaxing without worry of the end of the Earth. Seeing them all together enjoying the moment is actually a nice change of pace to me for this series. Dragonball Z is however considered a more action based anime and these ending episodes certainly do not fail to deliver. This is definitely a box set that any avid Dragonball Z fan should not be without, and of course, anyone who is looking for fighting, explosions, and rampaging aliens will have found their match in Dragon Ball Z.

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