Dragon Ball Z Kai Part 6 Review


October 19, 2011 by

Dragon Ball Z Kai Part 6 Image

Dragon Ball Z Kai Part 6 continues with the dramatic story of the dreaded androids. #17 and #18 have awakened and last time we saw our heroes, they had all been soundly defeated! Instead of finishing them off though, the Androids seemed more interested in finding Goku, who is still out of commission due to the heart disease, to challenge him. Left with only their battered pride and a renewed sense of terror, the Z warriors decide to hide Goku until he has recuperated.

While worrying about how their team will take on these monstrosities who, according to Trunks, have left the future in ruins, a new threat appears. Something is attacking cities and making the residents disappear with only their clothing left behind. Piccolo sets off to investigate and comes across a being named Cell. It seems Dr. Gero created one last android in his quest to create the perfect warrior. Cell has been feeding off the bio-energy of Earth's inhabitants, gaining strength. He informs Piccolo that he has been created from all of the Z warriors' DNA and has their entire arsenal of attacks at his disposal.

Cell also reveals that his form now is not complete. He needs to absorb #17 and #18 to reach his peak power and become the strongest being in the universe. It seems now that the Z warriors must concentrate harder than ever in their plan to destroy the Androids before they can be taken into Cell, or face a truly terrifying monster that would be stronger than all the foes they have faced before combined!

This two disc set contains episodes 66-77 and true to the Kai saga's form, there is more action and less filler packed into each one. Having watched the show's previous TV run, I can honestly say that nothing truly critical from the storyline has been cut. One can still follow the plot and the story certainly moves along at a faster pace. The art and animation have been beefed up as well to deliver a stunning quality show. One thing that really stood out to me was how vibrant the colors are now. The option to choose the English Dub or the original Japanese version is once again included in part 6. Some small extras that have been included are the text less opening and closing to the show and some trailers for showcasing the arrival of the Kai series.

Dragon Ball Z is one of the old classic animes that for many Americans may have been their first when watching it on Cartoon Network's Toonami back in the day. To see a show that I grew up with brought back with a new spark of life is a welcoming experience. Goku and all the Z warriors remain true to their vows to protect the Earth no matter the cost, and fans of the show will certainly appreciate all the hard work that is put into the new Kai series to deliver to them the re-visualized action packed show they know and love.

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