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Thirteen years ago, the sky fell apart when the Devil's Gate appeared. Another gate, called Heaven's Gate, appeared as well. This event caused the beginning of contractors. Each star in the artificial sky represents the life of one of these contractors, and when one of them dies, a star falls from the sky.

Contractors are people who are given unique abilities in exchange for some kind of price. The price is different for each person. One character will rip out her hair in exchange for her power, another will make origami, and one other will not be able to eat. Another characteristic of the contractor is that he or she will lose their emotions and act only on rational thought.

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Suou lives in a world where contractors are hidden and a lot of everyday people refuse to believe in their existence. One day, Suou's world is left upside down when she hears a crash in her father's lab and sees soldiers and mysterious people all around. She is forced to flee her home after seeing her father's corpse and no sign of her twin brother. Suddenly, she finds that her pet flying squirrel has the ability to speak and soon learns that he is a contractor. Contractors suddenly start appearing out of everywhere, and all of them seem keen on capturing or killing Suou. What could possibly be going on?

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To make matters worse, Suou's friend, Tanya, had been acting strangely and was then taken away by some mysterious soldiers. She returned to school the next day with a soulless gaze. She has become a contractor. It seems contractors are suddenly everywhere in Suou's life.

While this is the second season of the anime, I didn't miss out on the story by not watching the first season. Suou's storyline started and completed at the end of the season. It would seem that some characters made a reappearance from the first season, including the flying squirrel. The season began with a lot of action, and maintained a fast pace the whole way.

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One of the first things I noticed was that the show stayed true to it's name. In Darker than Black, characters deal with heavy issues, and cast members start dropping like flies. The actual plot is mysterious for a big portion of the season, but the action helps carry things along.

My only real complaint was that at the beginning of one particular episode, there are two fangirls ranting about how their favorite anime. It very serious and then a randomly inserted goofy episode ruined the feel for the series. While that was exactly what the scene did to Darker than Black, I didn't find myself laughing at the joke. The witty comebacks and sharp tongues of the contractors left me with enough comic relief, and I felt like a lot of parts in that particular episode were unnecessary.

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Overall, Darker than Black is a great series if you are looking for a more serious action anime. Be warned, there are a lot of gruesome deaths and the body count is pretty high. Not being a huge action fan myself, I really enjoyed this anime. The plot is very complicated and it was enjoyable trying to solve the mystery before the characters did. I highly recommend it.

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