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Cuticle Detective Inaba is a 12 episode anime revolving around our main character, human /wolf hybrid with a hair fetish Hiroshi Inaba. As the title suggests, he uses hair, or cuticles, to assist in solving crimes. Or he once did. Now along with his two assistants (a cross dresser and straight man) he's on a search for his long lost brother, mostly because he has a brother complex and his brother has fluffy white hair which he also has a complex about... However they find themselves being roped into helping Hiroshi's former partner from his police dog days when an evil new villain appears. This menace to society is.. Don Valentino! As head of the Valentino mafia group, this two foot tall goat strikes fear into all around him! Wait... What.

Yea, did I mention this is a comedy?
Right, it's a rather well done comedy that admittedly has a weak story line, but at the same time uses that weak story line to it's advantage. Sometimes completely throwing their noble goal out the window to take a dip in the hot springs with their sworn enemy. I mean hey, everyone needs a break sometimes right?

I was laughing throughout the entire thing because the sheer absurdity of some of the reactions from the characters. The scenarios they get themselves into aren't all that wacky, it's just how the characters react to different situations that really shines through, plus the jokes are spot on. All the characters have their own little quirks and it's super funny to see how they all manage to blend so nicely. Their straight-man character (Kei) is super funny! There are a few episodes with extremely random feels but of course, none of the characters take those problems seriously and you just end up laughing anyway. I would most definitively recommend this series for anyone who just wants a good laugh.

For a lesser known 2013 series, the animation is very well done. Especially the opening and ending sequences. The opening is a cool rock theme while the ending is an enka song sung by our adorable mafioso Don Valentino. The animation isn't sparing on either of these, nor anywhere in the actual anime did I notice any lack of movement. All the characters are very good at showing their emotions through their movements.

I only watched it in Japanese so I can't say anything about the English voice overs, but the Japanese seiyuu's were very well done. Especially the speech pattern for Don Valentino, who used a very specific pattern of Japanese that essentially made his sentences all sound like they ended with the phrase it is. I was really impressed with Kei's seiyuu being able to yell out such straight-man lines at top volume. That takes strong vocal chords. The audio tracks never really stood out to me, but they didn't cause any distractions either. Overall I really liked it and would watch it again with friends!

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