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The story of the Anime series, Claymore, revolves around Clare, a girl-turned-Claymore. Claymores are often referred to as silver-eyed witches, though they are many cities' only hope in the fight against the Yoma (monsters). The Yoma hunger to eat humans and ravage the cities devouring innocent people. Despite being the only chance for the humans to erradicate the Yoma, the Claymores are still despised by the humans for being part-Yoma. As a girl, a Claymore chooses to be implanted with the flesh and blood of a Yoma and from then-on gains substantial powers from the monster, but is constantly struggling to keep from turning into an awakened being (monsterous Claymore). The Claymores must be female as male test-cases were far too unstable. The Claymores are managed by "The Organization". Once they have irradicated the Yoma in the area, they move on and a man from "The Organization" comes to collect the money that is owed for the work of the Claymore.

Clare finds a human companion -- Rocky. He had lost his family to a monsterous Yoma that Clare ended up destoying. Thus Rocky feels an extreme attachment to her and Clare reluctantly permits him to tag along. Rocky brings out a more human side of Clare that is usually suppressed. During their journeys, more details are revealed about The Organization. Additional Claymores join the plot as well and we hear some of their stories. The series - Claymore - also goes back in time to memories of Clare's past to show some of the experiences she went through. Viewers will learn more about why she decided to become a Claymore in the first place and what motivates her. Clare also gains new friends and acquaintances all-the-while vanquishing her fair share of enimes.

The classic edition of Claymore comes in a four-disc DVD set with 26 episodes and was released on April 19, 2011. Each episode can be watched in its original Japanese form with English subtitles or the dubbed English version. The dubbing is superb and you can hardly tell that they aren't speaking the same Japanese words. The English voice actors are spot-on and greatly contribute to this classic Anime. This edition of the series comes with added commentary from the voice actors and a couple of original trailers.

Claymore is action-packed throughout the seires, with the all the females kicking butt (as Claymores are always female). The action and intensity of the battles increase with each episode up to the finale. Clare must face many adversaries thoughtout her journey, while keeping herself in check. She must face ever-more-powerful beings as she travels further. I was enthralled by the slow build up of action to the final episodes. The only flaw in Claymore is the fact that it ends in one season. I was disappointed that it was already over; I didn't want it to end. The riveting series could have been expanded and developed into a multi-season series.

Claymore is a classic Anime series that deserves to be watched. I was consumed by Claymore with its gripping story and high-octane action. I watched the whole series (26 episodes) in a mere three days. If you are an Anime fan to any extent, do yourself a favor and check out Claymore. You will not be disappointed.

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