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FUNimation Entertainment localized Cat Planet Cuties, Asobi ni Ikuyo! in Japan, for Blu-ray/DVD release in the United States on May 15, 2012. The series was directed by Youichi Ueda who also directed Heaven's Lost Property. Cat Planet Cuties is based off of the Manga series written by Okina Kamino.

Cat Planet Cuties tells the story of Kio Kakazu, your average male who encounters an alien cat-girl from the planet Catia while attending the funeral of a distant family member. This cat-girl, Eris, is essentially a human girl with cat ears and a tail except that she is from another planet. Eris has special powers and becomes well acquainted with Kio. The other aliens from Catia are attempting to make peaceful relations with Earth/Japan.

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Aoi Futaba is a friend of Kio's that shares an interest in Sci-Fi DVDs. Manami Kinjou has been Kio's friend since she was a child and is a neighbor next door. Manami and Aoi seem to both be interested in having a relationship with Kio, but neither of them has fully acted upon those feelings. Once Eris arrives on Earth and her instant connection with Kio, that seems to ramp up the competition to have a relationship with Kio.

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It's interesting to see the drama unfold in regards to the relationship while also having spurts of action. The girls usually end up protecting Kio, though Kio still tries to protect the girls despite not having any special abilities (his own thoughts). Kio later asks to be taught how to fight like his friends so he feels more manly' and can help protect himself as well as them.

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The aliens have technology that is far superior to Earth's. The weapons that the Catians use are generally set to disarm enemies and can make the weapons and all non-living matter disappear. Assist droids have also been brought to Earth, which help out with various tasks among other things. The Catians also have special suits that protect them and are imbued with special powers. At one point Kio ends up wearing one of the suits to help fight the enemies.

Another feud that emerges as the series progresses is that the Dogisian's, another group of rival aliens, are also vying for relations with Earth and Catia has beaten them to the punch, so to speak. With this additional conflict, there is more tension and action.

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The series features a fair amount of action and a bit of drama. Cat Planet Cuties also contains a lot of fan service. The 12-episode combo set comes with English dubbings as well as the original Japanese voice cast with English subtitles. The voice acting done by FUNimation is excellent as usual. The visual style is also appealing. In addition, there was a special commentary of the first episode by two of the prominent voice actors of the series. This was a welcome addition.
Cat Planet Cuties comes in a Blu-ray/DVD combo pack that includes 2 DVDs with the episodes. If you like anime stylistically like Heaven's Lost Property, Cat Planet Cuties offers action, drama, Sci-Fi, comedy and plenty of fan service.

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