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There is a reward for the victor and a punishment for the loser. - Saya Kisaragi

Saya returns for a continuation of the Blood-C anime series in this stand-alone movie that ties up some loose ends. Blood-C: The Last Dark was produced by Studio Production I.G and CLAMP. The Last Dark was released in Japan in June of 2012 and was released in the United States on October 22, 2013 by Funimation.

The Last Dark picks up six months after the events of Blood-C. Saya ends up finding a man on the subway in Japan who turns into an Elder Bairn and starts attacking innocent bystanders. Saya ends up saving a girl,Mana Hiiragi, before the Elder Bairn can kill her. It turns out that the girl is a member of Sirrut, a group who is looking to take down Fumito Nanahara. Tower, the organization headed by Fumito, is linked to the people who went missing. The alliance between Sirrut, a group of talented humans, and Saya begins with their quest to take down Fumito, each for their own reasons. Other members of Sirrut include: Shun Fujimura, voiced by Josh Grelle, an 18 year old with a crush on Saya. Iori Matsuo, voiced by Justin Cook, a 19 year old college student. Niro Tsukiyama, voiced by Tia Ballard, a young girl and the best hacker in the group who hacks using both hands and feet on two different keyboards simultaneously.

The film contains very detailed artwork from Saya's blood-red eyes to the gleaming cars and everything inbetween. I would suggest the Blu-ray version if you are able to get it, though the DVD version still looks great. The Last Dark is still as gory as the Blood-C series, but this one was slightly more stomachable than the previous series. The Last Dark has less Elder Bairn than the previous series and it chronicled the humans in more detail this time around.

Saya is voiced by Alexis Tipton in the dubbed version. The voice acting is well done and fits Saya as a reserved, but determined girl bent on revenge. The rest of the English voice cast performed well too. A nice touch is that the DVD came with the Japanese voice acting as well as the English dubbing. The DVD version also included NoNeNoNe Theatre and included some trailers for the film.

Like the Blood-C series, The Last Dark is also aimed at adults with its violence, blood, and gore. That being said, The Last Dark provides a nice conclusion for the series, though also leaving it open for continuations if deemed necessary. The battles were all well executed, though the final battle could have lasted longer. I personally preferred The Last Dark to its predecessor, Blood-C, as its plot seemed more plausible and also focused more on the human characters than the Elder Bairn. It was also very appealing visually, with bright reds and dark colors and highly detailed artwork throughout. I would imagine the Blu-ray version would really look great on an HD TV. Even the DVD upconverted looked amazing on my TV.

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