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Blood-C is the second anime series based on the Blood Franchise. Blood-C is based on the manga of the same name which was created by CLAMP. Blood-C is a bit of a departure from the previous anime series, Blood+. This new series has been localized for consumption in the United States by Funimation and spans one season (12 episodes). Saya is the protagonist as she was in the previous series. It is best to look at the plot as a completely separate entity than that of Blood+.

At the outset the baker ends up missing and then there are subsequent cases of missing persons despite claims from the other students that nothing happens in their town. Saya Kisaragi attends school during the day and protects their small town during the night from "monsters" called "Elder Bairn."

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Saya is close with her father who is a priest at the local shrine. She wears thin rimmed glasses and carries her trusty sword; Saya's eyes are gray behind her thin glasses though they change to blood red in the heat of battle. Eventually she ends up carrying her sword everywhere with her, school included, for her protection and that of those around her. Later on, the Elder Bairn initiate conversation and tell her not to break "the covenant." The viewers gradually learn more about the covenant, the Elder Bairn, and Saya herself.

Saya frequents Guimauve Caf and enjoys coffee (black) and Guimauve (a special dessert). She typically eats breakfast at the cafe before heading off to school for the day. The school uniforms are red and black with a chain across the flaps of the collar. Saya is very clumsy and falls flat on her face semi-frequently when just walking, but is the complete opposite during fight sequences.

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Saya Kisaragi is voiced by Alexis Tipton in the English dubbed version of the series. Other voice actors and actresses include: Scott Freeman (Shinichiro Tokizane), Todd Haberkorn (Dog), Bill Jenkins (Tadayoshi Kisaragi), Lydia Mackay (Kanako Tsutsutori), Robert McCollum (Fumito Nanahara), Chris Burnett (Itsuki Tomofusa), Martha Harms (Yuka Amino), and Lindsay Seidel (Nene). Saya sings cute songs on her way to school that break up the intense moments. The visual style is very well crafted with detailed characters and environments. The blood and gore is very prevalent and gruesome through a majority of the episodes. Thus Blood-C has received a TV-MA rating. Blood-C has a unique intro theme called "Spiral" by Dustz with Japanese, English, and French vocals, making it stand out in a good way.

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Blood-C takes the Blood franchise in a new direction. Blood-C has a unique mix of cuteness along with graphic violence and gore. This is surely an interesting combination. It wasn't quite as satisfying as Blood+ was, but still holds its own as a good (and shorter) series. There is also a movie that takes place after Blood-C, which I hope Funimation also localizes here in the states. If you enjoy the Blood franchise or are fascinated with action, Blood-C is a good choice. Just make sure you're also up for the blood, gore, and violence that prevails throughout much of the series.

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