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Black Blood Brothers is based off of the novels written by Kohei Azano and illustrated by Yuuya Kusako. The anime was produced by Studio Live and Group TAC and directed by Hiroaki Yoshikawa in 2006. Funimation received the rights to release the series on DVD in February 2008. Black Blood Brothers is currently available to watch on Netflix, as of this writing. Black Blood Brothers is also sometimes referred to as BBB.

The primary characters in Black Blood Brothers are Jiro Mochizuki and his brother Kotaro Mochizuki, both vampires. They meet Mimiko Katsuragi, a red blood aka human. Mimiko is also a compromiser - an agent with "The Organization" that handles fights between humans and vampires in a non-violent way. Each episode starts by showing a small segment of Jiro's past before delving into the present set of circumstances.

The protagonists go to the "Special Zone." This is a place for vampires and a place where the Kowloon children are kept out at all costs. Kowloon children are a bloodline of vampires that spread to humans or vampires and are despised by regular vampires as well as humans. Jiro is strong and is vengeful and wants to help the other vampires keep the Kowloon children from making a comeback.

While in the "Special Zone," Jiro and Kotaro meet other vampires such as: Sei - the reincarnated Dragon King of the East, and Zelman Clock - another old blood vampire. Unfortunately for them, a Kowloon child gets into the "Special Zone" and they must fight. Also, a familiar vampire from Jiro's past, Cassa, returns as a Kowloon child. Her brother, Yafuri, a direct descendant of the Kowloon King, joins her and also fights against Jiro and the other traditional vampires.

Jiro will stop at nothing to protect his brother Kotaro. Mimiko also is very selfless and will help Jiro and Kotaro as much as she can being a "Red Blood." Jiro Mochizuki is also the hero from the Kowloon Shock that occurred 10 years ago in Tokyo. He will need the support of his family, friends and acquaintances to fight off this renewed threat of the Kowloon. After the war (Kowloon Shock) it had been announced to everyone that the vampires had been killed, which in reality was false. The humans were mostly ignorant of the Special Zone. Even the existing vampires did not expect a resurgence of the Kowloon Children.

The dubbed voices are well fitted to the scenes. The voice actors include J. Michael Tatum (Jiro), Leah Clark (Kotaro), Colleen Clickenbeard (Mimiko), Luci Christian (Cassa) and Carrie Savage (Sei). The opening theme songs for Black Blood Brothers is "Ashita no Kioku" from Naozumi Takahashi while the ending theme is "Shingiru" from Loveholic. There are many action sequences to keep people watching and entertained.

Black Blood Brothers is an intense series with much action. The plot is entertaining and the episodes each finish on a cliffhanger enticing you to watch the series from beginning to end. The voice actors do a great job. Also, the art in Black Blood Brothers is appealing. My main complaint is that I wish they had continued with another season.

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