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Well, there is no better way to say it: the school year isn't shaping up to be the most normal. It all started when an extremely powerful alien-octopus creature blew a hole through 70% of the moon leaving it forever in the shape of a crescent. The Earth is the next target, however, the creature offered up something of a deal: he will teach class 3-E (aka the End-Class) at the prestigious Kunugigaoka junior high school until the end of the school year; the students of 3-E have one year to assassinate their teacher, take the 10 billion yen reward and save the Earth from total destruction. Keeping up a normal study schedule for regular subjects is tough enough without adding in time for assassination training - welcome to Assassination Classroom!

The anthropomorphic octopus teacher, who the students oh so aptly name Koro-Sensei (a term born from the words korosenai meaning unkillable and sensei meaning teacher), is top secret to all but those who need to know - those being the Japanese government, the principle of the school and the students of 3-E (even other teachers and students in the school remain unaware). While it may seem insane to place such a powerfully dangerous creature in front of mere students, Koro-Sensei is not only true to his word to not destroy the planet until March but is quite an adept teacher in all subjects and does nothing but look out for his students (even as they attempt to kill him quite frequently). Additionally, the only weapons that actually land any severe damage on Koro-Sensei are completely harmless to humans: rubber knives and bullets to be precise. Unfortunately, Koro-Sensei has numerous tricks up his sleeve which makes actually killing him nearly impossible. He can travel up to speeds of Mach20, can regenerate lost limbs, can change forms, and is quite arrogant and smart as to various assassination techniques. If nothing else, it will certainly make for an interesting year!

The reason class 3-E was chosen to be the assassination classroom was mostly in part due to the infrastructure of the school itself as meticulously seen to by Principle Gakuhou Asano. His ideal is that having a class of low ranking flunkies, rebels and misfits would stand as a dismal example to the rest of the student body and motivate them to work harder so as to not join the ranks of the End-Class. Even their school house is separated a great distance away from the main campus to further alienate the class from the rest of the student body. All in all, the principle assumed that allowing Koro-Sensei to teach that class would not only keep him out of sight but also have minimal impact on the overall state of the school. Or so he thought! Never could he have anticipated the dedication Koro-Sensei would have towards improving his student's grades, hobbies and overall self-worth even while actively dodging assassination attempts almost daily. These were students that were conditioned to think themselves failures for dropping from the higher ranks only to suddenly gain a newfound confidence and motivation to excel both in studies and in combat training.

Assassination Classroom offers viewers a fantastical, comedic school life anime with a twist. It isn't every day that a tentacle shape-shifting creature becomes a teacher - and quite an impressive one at that - and his students are given a mission to eliminate him by years end. Despite having a fairly large cast, a majority of them become more than just nameless, faceless side characters used to fill classroom seats. Of course, there are certain students and teachers that stand out far more than others such as the androgynous, ever-observing Nagisa, the talented rebel Karma, the beautiful blonde assassin-turned-teacher Irina, government agent Mr. Karasuma and of course Koro-sensei; but even then, the other students of 3-E become easily recognizable after a few episodes and their own unique traits are made reference to and shine brightly. Really, all members of 3-E stand out in their own ways and never simply become part of the background only. Watching both the teachers and students interact and bond together throughout the series in order to kill Koro-Sensei while gaining the best school experience is truly enjoyable through and through.

Aesthetically, the art and animation is wonderful to look at from start to finish. Vibrant and unique colors adorn each character and landscape and even the ever changing and moving Koro-Sensei never loses a detail. Whether it is a conversation-heavy scene or an action packed combat escapade, the animation is quite well done in all aspects. The soundtrack that accompanies each episode is also fantastic and there is not likely an OP or ED song that will not grow on viewers. Even the voice acting is superb despite the large cast and many of the voices stand out and remain unique and recognizable throughout (personally, I watched this subbed; but in looking at the cast list, I have rarely ever been disappointed with the English voice actors named).

Overall, Assassination Classroom is a light-hearted, comedic, action series about a group of students attempting to kill their alien teacher before he destroys the world while learning valuable life lessons along the way. It will bring enjoyment and tug on heartstrings, as viewers bounce between wanting the students to succeed in killing Koro-Sensei and rooting for Koro-Sensei to survive based off of how amazing a teacher and mentor he is to his students. With a fun unique story, a diverse exciting cast, and excellent sound and animation, it is hard not to recommend this one.

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