Aria: The Scarlet Ammo Review


February 25, 2013 by

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Aria the Scarlet Ammo starts off as most animes do, with one of our main characters getting ready for school. Kinji Toyama is about as normal as most boys are, except for the fact that he attends a school where the requirements are to wear a bullet proof vest and to carry a weapon at all times. This school is Butei High and the students who attend are in training to become Butei. Butei are sort of like specialized agents that are specifically trained in different fields to protect themselves and capture criminals. Anyway, back to Kinji getting ready for school.

Kinji sets out for school, but misses his bus, so is forced to take a bike. As he is riding along, a sudden voice speaks from behind him stating that a bomb is strapped to the bike and that should Kinji slowed down or stop, the bike will explode. As Kinji turns to see who is speaking to him, we see a weird motorized scooter that is hot on his heels. The scooter has a gun attached that is train on him. Kinji seems to recognize this as the work of the Butei Killer. The Butei Killer was a crazed serial killer that chose to target Butei as his victims. However, he was supposed to have been captured.

Could this be a copy-cat killer? Kinji has no time to ponder this as suddenly from the sky a girl is falling toward him. Aria H. Kanzaki, the second of our duo for the main characters has arrived. She whips out two guns in mid-free fall and blasts the armed scooter. She lands on Kinji and both are hurtled away from the bike as it explodes. Kinji awakes to see that they are hiding in a small box and that Aria has apparently fainted on him. Of course their position is one in which Aria is sitting atop of Kinji and his face is smashed against her breasts.

Kinji begins to freak out and we soon learned that he has an ability called Hysteria Mode that is activated whenever he is aroused. This mode is sort of like an alter ego that transforms Kinji into a superb Butei. The drawback is that this ego is an arrogant smart-ass.

Aria upon waking up and seeing their position, begins to lash out at Kinji, claiming he is a pervert. However, she doesn't have much time to pummel him as more armed scooters appear and begin firing upon them. Kinji, who goes into Hysteria Mode due to Aria's closeness, leaps into action. He walks out into the open with a suave confidence and fires at the scooters. His bullets shoot into the barrels of the scooters' guns and they explode. Aria, while embarrassed that she had to be saved, cannot ignore the fact that Kinji has incredible skills.

After school, Aria arrives at Kinji's door and claims that he is to be her slave and that he is to help her in catching the Butei Killer. Thus begins the adventures of Aria H. Kanzaki and her slave.

This series, overall, was pretty good by my standards. I was in it more for the story, which does get really interesting as it progresses and we see why Aria is so intent on catching the Butei Killer. However, somethings that didn't sit well with me are that Aria mostly shows a very pushy and demanding character that has a catch phrase of I'll pump you full of holes whenever something angers her which gets old real quick. Also the throw back to perverted humor is too predictable, but I guess it's to be expected since Kinji needs to be aroused in order to unleash his hidden ability.

But putting these aside, Aria the Scarlet Ammo is a great action packed anime. It seems to have a little of everything in it actually. Romance, drama, comedy, suspense, and even some of the Sci-Fi/Supernatural are there as well. If any of these are your genre of choice you may just want to have a look into this series.

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