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When I first saw the cast of Arakawa Under the Bridge, I wasn't sure what to think. First, I saw a blonde woman wearing a gym uniform. Not too odd. There's a man with a tie. Pretty normal. There's a man stuffed into a nun's habit. Getting a little odd... I see a man holding a guitar wearing a star-shaped mask and a second man in a kappa suit. Weird... There's a man in gangster-style clothing with the head of a cockatiel. Welcome to Arakawa Under the Bridge.

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Needless to say, I was a bit confused at first. The Arakawa community is full of strange and colorful characters. Just as Recruit needed to learn to fit into the community, I found myself realizing that while a lot of these characters look odd, they all fit together to make a nearly Utopian society. I say nearly because it is impossible to have everyone get along at all times.

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The second season of Arakawa brings some new faces into the crowd. At the end of the first season, there was a short teaser involving an Amazon woman who was guarding something. This season we get to meet her and her all female army of tengu. They're actually men all wearing masks, but they won't be convinced otherwise. Another new character is the Earth Defense Force captain. He worms his way into the community to further study Nino, who he believes to be the Queen of Venus. Recruit and the others find out that he is actually a comic book artist, and the Earth Defense Force captain decides for his new project to be based on the people who live in Arakawa.

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Each episode is a small look into the life of the Arakawa community. They have their own festivals and celebrations. For example, the people of Arakawa open a haunted house, completely overlooking the fact that no one will really be there to see it other than Recruit. The Amazon and her friends start joining in the festivals, as if things weren't crazy enough. There are still the small shots involving Recruit's father at his company, but Recruit's father seems pretty absent from the storyline other than the fact that he is trying to learn more about Nino.

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A large part of the second season of Arakawa Under the Bridge revolves around Nino's desire to bring everyone to Venus. More of her past is revealed, and she doesn't want to leave anyone behind. This is the last season of the show, and it was finished before the manga was. It's not too hard to see that, because the ending feels a bit rushed and unfinished. The ending is also very cryptic, but the writers wanted to keep the ending pretty open.

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I was kind of sad that this show is only two seasons long. With such rich characters, I wanted to see more. However, the humor in the show is very good, and at least for me, I never felt like any jokes or plots were getting stale. The skits are short, but nearly every one had me laughing pretty hard. Overall, I highly recommend Arakawa Under the Bridge to anyone who wants to take a trip to weirdsville and laugh the whole way there.

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