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Deunan and Briareos are a couple that have been travelling far and wide in search for their own paradise. Their travelling brings them to a city called Olympus, where the story events of Appleseed XIII: Tartaros unfold.

My main complaint is about the cryptic themes of the movie. Ancient Greek motif that runs through the movie does not really tie the story together. Yes, the city is called Olympus and there is an organization called Tartaros, but the flashbacks and imagery did not really convey a solid idea. Screencaps of ancient figures flash by repeatedly, as if to make a point, and a couple of times, it actually does make sense. The problem is that this is done for dramatic effect, and it is done so frequently throughout the film that the results are humorous because they are so predictable. Unfortunately, this gives the movie the fatal flaw of taking itself too seriously. Yes, the subject matter is serious, but the multiple flashbacks of the same exact scene and the dramatic screenshots of the same man's face over and over again started to feel rather silly after a while.

Appleseed XIII: Tartaros was made in 2011. That being said, the computer graphics left a lot to be desired. I felt like I was watching a PlayStation cut scene from the 90's. The detail level was low and the animation was choppy. There were even scenes near the beginning of the movie that lagged. You would think that the creators of the movie would have fixed that; it was in one of the opening scenes, not exactly the best impression to give the audience. For a move where the computer graphics were supposed to be featured, I felt like they should have spent a lot more time on them getting them right. I felt like I was watching an unfinished draft of the movie, as opposed to the final product.

The movie did have a complex plot, and the differences between humans, machines, and cyborgs were interesting. Unfortunately, the plot was a little confusing at times. There was a race issue between white and black humans that was never really explained. This might not be an issue with Appleseed veterans who are already familiar with a lot of the terms. They did a good job of including all of the different types of people to give the audience a better feel for how the different races react to one another. The fact that there were several of the machine people also helped, because the audience could see that even though they were programmed, each one was as different as an organic human being.

In all, I would have to give Appleseed XIII: Tartaros a blah rating. Some parts of the movie were interesting, but I have no desire to watch it again to understand it better. The choppy animation, along with the vague themes did not appeal to me, either. Fans of the series may enjoy the movie, but I doubt they will be impressed with the animation quality. To those who may be interested in the series, give it a try, you might like it; it just wasn't my thing.

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