Afro Samurai Review


August 19, 2013 by

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There is a legend that says the one who wears the Number 1 headband shall be the most powerful warrior in all of the world, and shall attain god-like power. In order to obtain the Number 1 headband, one must first defeat the one who wears the Number 2 headband. For only the owner of the Number 2 headband can challenge Number 1. While the entire world is free to challenge the owner of the Number 2 headband, forcing the life of that warrior to be one of killing, and killing alone.

The plot begins with the protaganist Afro, only a young boy, and his father, Number 1. His father is faced by a man called Justice, Number 2, and loses the battle. Justice leaves behind the Number 2 headband for Afro, and takes the Number 1 headband for his own. Thus begins Afro's quest of vengeance against Justice. The story is very short, consisting of only 5 episodes. It follows Afro (Now a grown man) on his quest to defeat Justice; killing any who dare to challenge him for the Number 2 headband. The story takes time to explore the backstory between the time Afro was a boy and now. My impressions of the plot are wonderful, despite its shortness. It tells the story very well and does enough backstory to make sure you do not get lost.

As far as characters are concerned, we only have Afro and his traveling companion (who's name is never disclosed). Afro is quiet and reserved, rarely talking at all. He loves lemonade, and kills anyone who stands in his way. His traveling companion is the opposite. He never kills a man, but is loud, obnoxious and rude. The two together make for quite the humorous combination. As for the rest of the cast, none of them really need explaining. Most of them are dead within a minute anyways, and considering the length of the series as a whole, there isn't much to know other than about Afro himself. Still, the characters are also very well done and each character has their own unique sense of style. Whether that style be in how they act, how they fight or both.

The animation and audio are both well done. Gonzo always seems to do a good job in their animating and it really shows with amazing visuals, quick and smooth fight scenes and detailed character art. The music is great, ranging from feudal style Japanese music to hip-hop, you'll be surprised how well the music fits into all the action.

Overall I would say definitely watch this series, it is only 5 episodes in length so it won't even take much time. You will enjoy it.

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