Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Review


March 11, 2015 by

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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is the updated rerelease of Monster Hunter 4, a game that was never localized outside of Japan. The latest entry in the Monster Hunter franchise, this game once again puts players into the role of Hunters. Their job is to hunt down the many dangerous monsters that exist in the world. These monsters come in all shapes and sizes and they all have numerous abilities that will spell certain doom for the unprepared.

This game's greatest strength is the very large number of monsters to hunt; with twenty-three small monsters and seventy-five large monsters in this game, this gives players ninety-eight different monsters to hunt. Some of the new monsters in this game are subspecies of monsters introduced in earlier games such as the Tigerstripe Zamtrios, the Tidal Najarala, the Shrouded Nerscylla, and the Shah Dalamadur, just to name a few. This game also has original monsters to pursue as well, the most prominent one being the fast and brutal Seregios whose bladed scales can cause players to slowly bleed out. This is a game with many things to do and players can expect to have many, many hours logged for this game.

One of the new mechanics introduced in this game is the mounting mechanic. Players that manage to land a midair strike against a large monster may find themselves mounting the monster's back. Their goal is to land as many strikes as possible without being thrown off. Succeeding causes the monster to be knocked onto the ground, giving players several free hits on the monster and also breaking parts of back if that area of the monster can be broken. Many areas have platforms where players can jump from, encouraging them to make more use of the environment in order to hunt more efficiently.

The previous game, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, did not provide wireless play, meaning that players who wanted to go on multiplayer missions with other players had to do so with local players. Thankfully for those who enjoy hunting with others, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate has online multiplayer and players are not limited to hunting with local players anymore. This game's StreetPass feature also features some new additions. Players can not only exchange Guild Cards, they can also exchange Palicoes, Felyne companions that aid in hunts, and also hunting missions. Some monsters can only be found by going on expeditions, though missions involving those monsters can be passed around to other people.

There are a few problems with this game, however. Missions that were meant for multiplayer mode feature monsters with larger health pools, given that the game expects multiple hunters to be whaling on the monster. For players who want to take on the multiplayer missions by themselves or cannot find enough players to fill the roster, they still have to face a monster with inflated health pools. It wouldfve been nice to have the monsterfs health scale to match the number of players; however, this can also be seen by optimistic players as a self-imposed challenge of sorts. The game could also benefit from a tweak in the mounting mechanic; mounting a monster that is too close to a boundary results in the player being sent straight into the next area and forcing them to attempt mounting the monster again.

This is a game that Monster Hunter fans should not miss. With a large pool of monsters to chase after and new weapons to play around with, this is a game where there are a lot of things to do and many ways to do them. With additional DLC being released over time, presenting new challenges and also giving rewards such as material for special armor and weapons, this game is sure to enjoy a long playtime with anyone who decides to pick it up.

Rating: 9.5/10

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